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  1. [TR] Bachelor Summit Photo - 2/8/2006

    Hmm, where's Green lakes basin? Seems like it's between Broken-meister and South. I'm probably staring right at it. Carry on.
  2. They're watching

  3. How I improved my quality of life

    Leaning on fat ladies
  4. Kinkajous?

    Anybody ever hear of these li'l fellas?
  5. 5 Down, 1 to go!

    I had this weird nightmare the other night that I was at a performance of Beethoven's ninth, and the Choir was belting out "Ode to Joy". Except, they looked suspicious to me. So I snuck (sneaked? snacked?) backstage to get a closer look, and the choir was all machines, steam powered and controlled by this evil penguin who was sitting on top of this giant steam ball, and there were all sort of levers and shit around him. There was also one of those old time quitting time whistles right near his head, and every time he felt delighted, he'd spin around in his control console-chair thingy. I mean what the fuck!? He had the chair designed so he could swivel in delight?!!! Penguins are totally evil. Oops, I mean Eveel.
  6. David Brooks is a fucking idiot

    I've been reading that motherfucker's garbage for over a year and a half now, and even tortured myself by trying to plow through one of his "books", "On Paradise Drive" After reading his drivel, I am fucking tired of him blathering on and on and on and on about how everything is either: A: Not as bad as "The Liberals" would have "you" believe, B: Not anybody's responsibility in the White House. C: The Democrats fault. Well Fuck YOU Brooks, I'm done with your idiotic rants. The only thing he's written lately that was actually thoughtful was about Harriet Miers. Oooh, careful! That's a hot potato! I mean everybody liked her! Oh wait, that's right...by the time you wrote your dumbass column on her, it was already a given that there was no fucking way she was being nominated! Note to Mr Brooks: Stop getting your opinions directly from Scott McLellan and form an independent thought once in a while. It hurts a little at first, and it's kind of scary, kind of like the first time you have to walk to the classroom all by yourself,but you'll get used to it. Good luck buddy!
  7. David Brooks is a fucking idiot

    Hey-y-y...that's a good.. whatever it is...Metaphor? I get it though. Good comparison.
  8. Me and You and Everyone We Know

    I fucked Big Bird and ate his unborn children. That was a huge fucking omelette. Then for some reason Mean Joe Green showed up and started singing to me that "It's alright to cry" I think Mel Brooks was there too. I gotta lay off the
  9. Me and You and Everyone We Know

    Well I'm so cool I listen to the Fiery Furnaces and the White Stripes. I was Emo before emo was emo. Or was that Elmo??
  10. simple useless political poll

    You must have a hell of a time voting. I vote for whomever makes me feel the least like I need a drink and a shower after I vote. Although I always feel like I need a drink and a shower after I vote.
  11. David Brooks is a fucking idiot

    So that's what happens to the idiots that write for college newspapers, huh?
  12. It's snowing!

    I can see the crazy colors, man!
  13. New Map of Florida

    Goodbye Manatees, Crystal Springs, Lake Okeechobee, and Everglades.
  14. New Scientist article on failing Gulf Stream

    Dudes, I'm telling you, "The day After Tomorrow" was more than just a movie, it was a fucking PROHPECY. Roland Emmerich knows shit, man!!
  15. Truck ads...

    I want a piece too, for you know, providing motivation. On another note, thoe geoduck things are fucking GROSS looking.
  16. Blue Balls

    Hey somebody tell me why I'm not getting any animation when I load that page.. WTF?
  17. Amen!

    Wait, I thought this had something to do with pirates.. Or is that global warming?
  18. Listen Children To The Story

    I don't know..the part with the girl strumming a guitar with no strings on it is pretty priceless. ..... ..... .... Hmm..come to think of it, that was a fucking horrible movie.
  19. Listen Children To The Story

    Do it in the name of heaven.
  20. The GOP, the GOP, the GOP is on FIRE!

    Well, I can't say that I categorically hate all Republicans, but the ones I've met who talk about it the most are ASS-HOLES. Eaxmples: My former bald, short, ugly, (and I can only assume little dicked)boss was always spraying about how Republicans are "morally superior" to Democrats(and I must assume to non politically aligned people as well) Turns out the motherfucker brings in a change of clothes to work with him, puts those on after work and goes to the strip club to get lap dances from the strippers, then goes BACK to work to put his old clothes back on so his wife won't smell "stripper" on him! Nice "family values" Asshole. Hmm, maybe the body glitter in the dryer might clue her in, dimfuck. ..Then of course there are the other fat fucks at work who go on and on about how great is to be "Republican", then turn around and comment on womens' choice of shirts, and how they should wear tighter clothes. Hypocrites, every single one of them. And then there's the other Republican at work who's CONSTANTLY blathering on and on about his guns. He fucking bought his wife a FUCKING HANDGUN for her birthday. He's always saying stupid shit like "Fucking hippie commie faggots" and "The government can come get my gun when they pry it from my cold dead hands" Seriously, he has actually said that. WTF is that NRA boilerplate about anyway? Did somebody take a magnifying glass to his Kung Fu Grip GI Joe when he was younger? Did one of your friends kick sand into your Command center? Did the jeep run out of D cells? Oh, this dude's like fucking 40 YEARS OLD, and he still listens to shit like FOREIGNER and POCO. For real. I mean really, uptight gun waving freak, it's time to let go of high school, mmkay? You're not the school bully anymore, and nobody gives a fuck about your CD collection of music that was all made before 1983, and nobody fucking cares how big your gun collection is, and calling somebody "faggot" lost it's impact in the early 70's. Comments like "Pinko" and "Commie" only display your planarian-like brain development, and the ladies aren't impressed by unhinged, illogical verbal fusillades of blind hatred and idiotic displays of your incredibly limited political world view. Yosemite Sam isn't a role model, he's a cartoon character. Get into therapy and fix yourself before your kid takes a gun to school because of all the negative, toxic shit you filled up his head with about everybody else that's not EXACTLY like you are. Quit picking on homosexuals, women, minorities, and anybody who's not whatever the fuck weird ass religion you claim to believe in, because racism and juvenile sexist remarks aren't funny. That's just 3 examples. I've got plenty more. Inappropiate touching, openly racist remarks, etc, etc. Oh, and as a somewhat related segue, I'm starting to belive that most of the conflict in the world is a direct result of guys that are insecure about their peckers and guys with the dreaded "Short man's Disease" Hitler: short, and only had one testicle Napolean: Short. Hirohito: Short. Mussolini: He was short too, right? Mao: Short. That fucking asshole North Korean guy...What's his name? Anyway, he's short too. Bin Laden: Tall, but maybe a little dick? Discuss.
  21. Favorite pictures from the gallery

    WOW. I never in my life thought that my photoshopped image could help somebody send a wiener proj. Cuz, that's like a hella sick proj.
  22. Favorite pictures from the gallery

    Yeah, well. Lets see the sit start on that one. Anyone can send that problem starting from there. Slackers. I like to think my rad finger pointing and screaming at the top of my lungs while bending down had a lot to do with GT sending this sick proj. Shit, we fell off that thing like, fuck, a hundred times, before Timmay stuck that sweet, sweet lip. That's why he needed a helmet. Cuz it was a sick proj. Super duper top secret location too, guys.
  23. Cant get in

    I'd totally hit that.
  24. Peter Puget = Darryl Cramer?

    Agreed, sex is awesome. Makes me horny just thinking about it!
  25. this placeis like CRACK

    POW! Spray is going to go through the fuckin' ROOF today. One of the sprayers will reveal themselves to be CALCULON!! Maybe Googlebot.