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  1. Found a single La Sportiva Miura in the forest about 1/4 mile before the basin below the north side of Stuart last Saturday. PM me if it's yours and I'll get it back to you.
  2. Hey Marc, you're absolutely right. I was pretty intoxicated when I saw your port last night (no excuse however) and thought the pictures were pretty funny. It was really lame to crap on your TR. I have never ragged on new guys reports in the past, nor do I ever intend to do so in the future. You're also right, I wasn't out climbing while you guys were. Way to get some.
  3. OMFG. You mean this isn't a troll? So this guy here (from a recent trip report): is the guy above sporting the jeans, external frame, and belaying across what appears to be a ski area?
  4. That's "Seven Drunken Nights", the most famous rendition is by the Dubliners.
  5. Yes, I had a reciept, bought it 2 days earlier. Bill: Do you live around Seattle somewhere? I was hoping not to have to deal with shipping and all that, just trying to catch someone who might be planning on buying a screw soon anyway. And yes, my bad, it's a turbo express, with the retractable knob. Drew, if you can get them at 55 CAN (45 US) out the door at MEC, then I guess I'm buying my screws at the wrong place. They're 59 CAN without tax on the website, which would put it at well over $50 US with tax - I'm not sure how much tax goes to the queen... I never said it was a screaming deal, just $10 cheaper for someone to grab a screw still on the cardboard.... and help me out.
  6. I recently bought a few screws from Feathered Friends, and didn't catch that they handed me a size I didn't ask for on one of them until I got home. (BTW, for not letting me exchange it. It was still attached to the cardboard, bought like 2 days ago...) I guess rules are rules. Anyway, so I have a brand new, never been touched 19cm BD turbo express that I'd like to sell, then put the $ toward a size I need. If you're planning on buying a screw anyway soon, PM me. $45, which will save you over $10 when you count the tax. I'll be heading down through Seattle thurs or friday and can meet up with you, anytime, anyplace.
  7. Page top. $325 I need to sell them. PM if you're interested, maybe we can work something out.
  8. It's directly across from the turnoff into the first (lower) Alpental parking lot, if memory serves about 50-100 feet before (east) of the snow lake trailhead.
  9. Rossignol Bandit XX skis (184cm), mounted with Marker m8.2 bindings. If you're familiar with them, you know they're a sweet all mountain ski. Measurements 110-74-100. Overall, they're in really good shape. Top coat show some wear (obviously), and there's couple of very small gouges in the base that were professionally repaired. Edges are in great shape. Although I'd like to think I do, I just don't spend enough time in the pow to justify having them anymore, and want to get a ski a little more suited to my style. Pic attached $400
  10. Hey jdog, here's the link from a previous thread about the NW Forest Pass. http://www.cascadeclimbers.com/threadz/showflat.php/Cat/0/Number/80743/page/0/view/collapsed/sb/5/o/all/fpart/1/vc/1 I have several posts in there about it, you should find some useful info if you want to wade through it all. I went to the initial hearing after recieveing my violation notice, and then actually had a full trial several months later for mine. USFS
  11. I've seen a few posts in the past about cam repair, and I'd thought I'd share my recent experience with Fish. Back in May, I sent Fish two cams for trigger wire repair, and ordered a couple small items at the same time. Six weeks later (late June) I sent them an e-mail to check on the status of the order. After 4 days, I got a reply that the guy who does the repairs was on vacation (apparently only one guy does it), but they'd be done soon. Ok, no problem, it's summer; I understand. Two weeks later, I get a package. Sweet, my order. Open it up, hmmm, someone else's order. Call fish. Sorry we mixed up the orders, we'll have you mail that order back to it's rightful recipient, and when yours shows up, she'll mail you yours. Seems they couldn't figure out how to have me send it on Fishs' account, so I volunteered to mail it at my expense (2 day priority, because the other gal needed it soon) and they'll send me a check. That's cool, I'll help them out. One week later, no check, and my package hasn't been found yet. I send an e-mail to Russ Walling (owner) asking what's up, and how long am I to wait for my stuff, as it's been over 2 months now, and supposedly it was shipped weeks ago. Got a really sarcastic reply (funny yes, but not at the time) saying tough shit, you'll just have to wait. Now I'm beginning to get a little pissed, not because I don't have me stuff, but how it's being handled. A couple days later (July 19th), they say they found my stuff, and are sending it to me (as well as the check for shipping). As of Wednesday the 28th, still no order and no check, so I sent them another e-mail to check on the status. Response: It was sent third party, it's out of our hands, "case closed" was their quote. Hmmm, I think I'll consider it closed when I get my stuff, thanks.... I did get it the next day, but by then it didn't matter taht much to me. I was never upset that the packages got mixed up (even though mine had the other customers name written on it), as that stuff happens, but the way they handled the whole deal was pretty rotten. Just the gesture of not sending the reimbursement check for the shipping (that I went out of my way to do, and didn't have to) for 2 weeks says it all. Anyway, just my cautionary tale. I'd be curious to know what others experiences have been. I ordered some stuff from them many years ago, and got it no prob, so maybe they were just having a bad day. Again, I could care less they lost it, just how they responded when they did....
  12. Hey Jens, I remember your face when the trooper asked if I was drinking, and I replied something like "You bet!". I seem to recall you mumbling "Oh shit, we're going to jail..." or something along those lines. I have gotten a few tickets here and there, but reckon I've been pulled over somewhere in the range of 40+ times in my driving career, so I figure I'm still batting .900 or so. Definately say stuff like: I thought you had to be in relatively good shape to be a police officer.... You're not gonna check the trunk are you? Hey, that's great! The last officer only gave me a warning too! Weaving? But officer, I can't even knit
  13. Cool looking climb. Looks a little run-out tho.....
  14. Ooops, sorry erik, no room for the small stuff this time. Maybe next load......
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