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  1. And you still can @Steve McGee: https://www.chesslerbooks.com/item/10797-mountain-review-magazine-back-issues-4-8-1993-1994.asp I just ordered a couple, thanks for bumping this!
  2. I am 180% behind this renewal of the cc.com battle cage!
  3. This is amazing! What cool stuff are you working up now @dan_e? And, for the record, @Bronco is very reasonable when it comes to licensing rates.
  4. Indeed. It was vibrating pretty noticeably as I carefully kicked my way down. Hard to see in the photo, but it was both quite thin and quite narrow. She was tough!
  5. Great to see! I'll have to organize another one on the north end soon. Looks like few turns to be had going into next week.
  6. I climbed the Pride Gl. on Kyes wither her and @Phil K many moons ago! I didn't realize she was on here.... And wow, didn't realize it has been 16 years since she passed.
  7. @dberdinka wins the Squiggle Gold this past Saturday.:
  8. I have been checked for a permit by NPS Ranger Kevork at Ouzel lake. He came in from Canada, on foot, just like me. I have told border patrol that I have gone in and out via foot and they just shrug. I am sure you can find an uptight one that may give you a hard time, but I have yet to have it happen in doing it several times this way. Before the road washed out, I would go into north end of Ross lake once or twice a year via the same way (not officially crossing border). Nobody seems to care on either side of border when I relay where I have been or where I am going. And so I go with honesty, which my mom said is always the best policy.
  9. Thanks @Bronco! Commented tonight.... Also good to see Kurt fighting the good fight still.
  10. What.....the ....hell??!! Totally incredible. Automatic elevation to "Best of cc.com"! WELL DONE GENTS!
  11. I guess maybe 2024 will have some pow pow? Today was a reminder that maybe skiing is still pretty fun, no matter what the season has been thus far.... A discerning eye will pick out @dberdinka and @Matt_Alford!
  12. It is worth getting excited about this winter, it would seem! Can't wait for the gong show this weekend.
  13. Indeed. Will the season be saved? I guess we should know more by the end of next week.
  14. They are already dialing back the forecasted totals....we'll see!
  15. https://www.outsideonline.com/outdoor-adventure/climbing/last-days-marc-andre-leclerc/ The one and only.
  16. Grouse will always be the most startling. Every....damn....time.
  17. Birds are always about, even on the highest summits. In Nepal, ravens have been seen around the summit of Everest and Bar-headed Geese fly OVER the Himalaya on their migration routes.
  18. Considering it has been in the 40s most the the week at the ski area, I'm sure not good: https://nwac.us/weatherdata/mtbakerskiarea/now/
  19. Yeah, I want that story! Also, thanks for reviving @geosean, if only for memories of the mighty Civic!
  20. I imagine that is true @seth holton, but I've only been down it once. Maybe this year the snow level will stay so high that we will get in there easily during the winter?
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