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  1. Nice work! I'm glad our bootpack and wands were useful
  2. Fantastic! This mountain is so-ooo impressive in a good winter conditions. Rare view. Proud of fellow Seattle climbers!
  3. Nice work! This one is still on my list...
  4. Is there snow/ice on descend from Dragontail? Thanks,
  5. Fantastic! Guys, your trip reports give me great motivation to climb. And great pictures. Which camera did you use?
  6. DPS: First ascend - great! It's a pity that your route is not yet in any guidebook. This picture: https://kurthicks.com/2012/02/18/snoqualmie-mountain-nw-face-topo/ is all we have.
  7. Wow! Looks much drier than it was when we climbed it:
  8. Looking for partners for the following objectives: North Early Winters Spire - Early Winters Couloir Mount Stuart - Stuart Glacier Couloir Mount Rainier - Mowich Face or Ptarmigan Ridge or if you have other good suggestions Have all gear, experience. Who is interested, better text me: 425-691-9793 Cheers, alex
  9. Technical Mountaineering Partner

    Howdy! Are you seeking technical partners for this period of time only? Do you live in Northwest or visiting, may I ask?
  10. Taylorag06, "Pucker Junkie" - yes, I do want to commit to Ruth trip in Spring 2018. There is an excellent TR: I believe people climb Ham & Eggs in April. If you are interested, let's talk. Email me directly at alexander@gorobets.com or text: 425-691-9793 P.S. Though I've climbed Denali, I don't think I am ready for Cassin.
  11. New forum software!

    TR fixed, thanks! I see you renamed "Trip Reports" to "Route Reports" and moved it to a Forum. Then remove the dysfunctional button "Trip Reports" in the very end of the main page. Still messing "Last 24 hours". Maybe it was moved somewhere?
  12. What hapened with the site?

    What happened with the site? Trip reports button does not work. Where is "last 24 hours"? My trip reports on my profile all screwed up. WTF? Are we all relocating on Facebook?
  13. Hey guys, I am interested in Ruth. Ham & Egss !!! No guide. I don't think it's possible to save on a flight to a glacier. If moving forward with a plan, Email me directly on alexander@gorobets.com Super excited!
  14. Alpine Partner June 24-25

    Hi Val, I've just recently read your TR on Burgundy&Chianti from 2013. Nice lob! I would be happy to climb with you one day. Most likely I am busy until the middle of July, but after no plans yet. If you need a partner, feel free to contact me. My cell# 425-691-9793. I can lead trad 5.9-5.10a. Cheers, Alex