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  1. Trip: Washington Pass - North Early Winter Spire: Early Winter Couloir. Trip Date: 04/21/2024 Trip Report: https://www.gorobets.com/TRs/Early_Winter_Couloir_2024_04_21.html Gear Notes: two 60m ropes cams 0.05-3 2 pickets small nuts pins (didn’t end up using) five screws 9-13cm Approach Notes: No flotation was needed.
  2. Trip: Mount Rainier - Central Mowich Face Trip Date: 06/04/2023 Trip Report: https://www.gorobets.com/TRs/Rainier_Central_Mowich_Face_2023_06_04.html Gear Notes: one 8.2 mm 60 m rope 2 technical tools each 2 pickets did not use ice screws Approach Notes: No flotation was needed
  3. Trip: Dragontail Peak - Triple Couloir Trip Date: 05/07/2023 Trip Report: https://www.gorobets.com/TRs/Triple_Couloir_2023_05_07.htm Gear Notes: 2 half ropes 60 m A pair of ice tools each 6 screw stubbies. Used 1 2 pickets Single rock rack from #.2 to #2 10 alpine draws Some pitons, nuts, BD spectre Approach Notes: No flotation is needed
  4. Fantastic! Great work and great report. Congratulations!
  5. Trip: Mount Stuart - Stuart Glacier Couloir Trip Date: 04/24/2022 Trip Report: http://gorobets.com/TRs/Stuart_Glacier_Couloir_2022_04_24.htm Gear Notes: 1 single ropes 60 m A pair of ice tools each 2 short screws on ice steps 2 pickets to belay 1st ice step Single rock rack from #.3 to #3 Carried pitons, nuts, smaller cams, but not used Approach Notes: Used snowshoes
  6. Trip: Mount Hood - Elliot Headwall. Wallace - Olson Trip Date: 02/13/2022 Trip Report: http://www.gorobets.com/TRs/Hood_Elliot_Headwall_2022_02_13.html Gear Notes: 2 ropes 60 m x 8.2 mm A pair of ice tools each A single rack of cams from 0.2” to 3”. Used 2. A set of nuts. Not used. 4 pitons. Not used. BD Spectra. Not used. 9 ice screws. Used. 2 pickets. Used. Approach Notes: No flotation used.
  7. Trip: Alaska, Ruth Gorge, Moses Tooth - Ham and Eggs Trip Date: 04/23/2021 Trip Report: http://www.gorobets.com/TRs/Ham_and_Eggs_2021_04_23.html Gear Notes: 2 ropes 60 m x 8.2 mm. A pair of ice tools each. 8 ice screws. 4 pickets. A set of cams from 0.2” to 3”. A set of nuts. Not used. 4 pitons. Not used. BD Spectra. Not used. V thread cord. Not used. Webbing for rappel. Not used. Approach Notes: From Root Canal air strip ascend snow slopes.
  8. Nice work! I'm glad our bootpack and wands were useful
  9. Fantastic! This mountain is so-ooo impressive in a good winter conditions. Rare view. Proud of fellow Seattle climbers!
  10. Is there snow/ice on descend from Dragontail? Thanks,
  11. Fantastic! Guys, your trip reports give me great motivation to climb. And great pictures. Which camera did you use?
  12. DPS: First ascend - great! It's a pity that your route is not yet in any guidebook. This picture: https://kurthicks.com/2012/02/18/snoqualmie-mountain-nw-face-topo/ is all we have.
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