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  1. DIY Altitude Training , does it work??

    If you read the Uphill Athlete literature they would advise you to save the money (and energy wasted sleeping like shit in your own bed) and just do way more easy aerobic volume. I find this helpful personally and have had a strong correlation between having lots of endurance and well rested/hydrated and doing great at altitude up to 14k'.
  2. Anyone Coached by Uphill Athlete or Other?

    If you're really looking for coaching and interested mostly in aerobic development I recommend Trails and Tarmac https://trailsandtarmac.com/coaching/ as an alternative that is a bit cheaper. They mostly train ultra runners but I have a couple mountain guide friends who have worked with them and seen significant results. One of their owners Ryan Ghelfi is a former mountain guide and still does a lot of skimo stuff.
  3. Anyone Coached by Uphill Athlete or Other?

    You could purchase an uphill athlete training plan. Paying a monthly fee is for people who really need hand holding... either because they aren't willing to put in the effort to read and learn themselves, they are lazy and rich, or they are really pushing their limits and need someone with lots of experience to hold them on that edge without going over. If you've read TFTNA and played around with training already you're most likely going to be able to coach yourself and see significant gains.
  4. Assuming it was from the plane that seems highly unlikely. Is it possible the chemicals in drugs could break down and yield a negative test after a winter and good portion of summer out there? Either that or it's a thinly veiled attempt to get those involved to incriminate themselves? What else could it be? Illegal shipment of cane sugar?
  5. idea Winter/Spring climbing glove discussion

    I have a lower quality Showa knock-off. They're durable but moisture builds up inside and kills the warmth too quickly for long days. I save them for wet leads. I've typically climbed alpine routes in the OR Arete which is good but less durable than I'd really like. I bought a variety of gloves off steepandcheap (you get what you pay for) the other year to try. Two were OR and they both wet out and then fail to dry... pretty terrible. One was BD, not super durable but stayed dry longer and dried out sooner. I would really like to support OR over BD but BD does seem to be doing a better job on the gloves right now. Cowolter I'll be trying those soloists and looking into the new Showas.
  6. question Next Generation Hard Shells

    With some of the next generation hard shells (stretchy, breathable) coming out (NF Futurelight seems to be the most advertised) I'm curious if folks have tried them or seen good unbiased reviews/comparisons. I've typically worn softshells in true winter conditions as much as possible and pulled out the goretex for wet ice or technical climbing with spindrift/precip only when I really need to. Curious if this new new stuff lives up to the hype and could be a quiver-of-one outer layer...
  7. I have two skimo harnesses I am getting rid of. Neither saw much use and are in good condition but both are older generation a few years old so assess and use at your own risk. I'm thinking $20 plus shipping unless you pickup (in Bend), but I'm open to offers. Edelrid Loopo Light BD Couloir
  8. Bozeman, MT or Victor/Driggs, ID

    If you're going to be mainly up in the summer I'd go with Driggs. If you want to mainly ice climb I'd go with Bozeman. There is going to be more of scene in Bozeman for sure with the bigger population and university. Driggs has a great community but it is small.
  9. Three Sisters Wilderness access

    Fire might have it closed? Call them up.
  10. Amazing effort; unfortunate ending. You'll be back soon for sure, just do the sh*t out of your PT.
  11. Nice! Glad you had fun. You'll have to return a little earlier in the summer for some good skiing.
  12. [TR] Mt Triumph - NE Ridge 07/17/2020

    What is the shortest rope you think you could rap with?
  13. Help! August skiing in Oregon

    But why? There is this thing called rock climbing. It's super fun. There are also things like kayaking, mountain biking, trail running... All of which are great right now and would involve carrying way less stuff, way less far.
  14. Pictures: Sunrise near top of Teewinot Lucas on Teewinot Raps on 11,8XX Lucas descending from East Prong on very firm snow. North side of the Grand from Owen Lucas scoping the Grand Start of N Ridge of the Grandstand, separate team ahead of us... Icy chimney pitch on the N Ridge, dude below is pulling an overhanging chockstone with minimal ice-free hand holds (not your typical 5.8) Looks like easy traversing to OS but an ice gully separates us from that route and we end up going straight up after some faffing. Peaks on L are the Cathedral Group (Teewinot, Owen, Grand) Rock sporings buttress... very cool featured granite, long approach, tons of routes secret Teton Canyon Zone Dog Wall (4p, 5.12+ or 3p 5.11) goes up the edge of the black just above Matt's head and traverses L on a ledge a little before following bolts straight up and finishing on the giant roof just L of the sun. Morning clouds at CMC camp Standing water post-storm in the tent Of course the day just cleared perfectly after I'd retreated and shwacked my way to the trail... at least the sun was out for some swimming. TR soloing the shiite out of Blacktail Butte
  15. Trip: Tetons - Cathedral Traverse + some other stuff Trip Date: 07/18/2020 Trip Report: I spent the past week in the Tetons. On Saturday my friend Lucas and I attempted the Grand Traverse in snowy early season conditions. We did fairly well, minus a route finding snaffu on Owen, but were slowed down a lot by snow/ice and route finding difficulties on the North Ridge of the Grand. We had bivy gear but opted to bail from the Lower Saddle. A couple thoughts for would-be suitors... If you want Sierra-esque conditions this is a mid-August to early-September objective. Rolo's beta page on the Pataclimb site is good but not super detailed and would be worth looking up some more pictures if you are trying to onsight like we were (I'd been up the Grand before but never on the North and Lucas had skied Garnet Canyon once). Italian Cracks and N Ridge in general is not obvious splitter climbing, be prepared. You need to be super stoked if you want to walk right past an easy trail down and continue up Middle and the rest of the traverse, or don't be cause you've already done the best parts (so I was told, and tell myself to soothe my battered ego ). The next few days were spent climbing at various crags (all have directions on MP, but identifying routes isn't always easy)... Rock springs buttress is AMAZING and also an amazingly sustained steep long hike for a crag. I took 2 hrs and was worked. I think camping up there would be sweet and the rock is awesome but S/SW facing so its really a morning-only venue. You can also take the tram or gondola from Teton Village but that costs a lot of money. Teton Canyon's Shady Wall is a short approach and shady all day (big surprise). It's also HARD (sandbagged 10+ warmup, 1-2x hard 5.11, several 12s/13s) and on weird rock (featured granite with flowstone (like limestone) over the face in places). There are other cool crags in Teton Canyon, we did a cool multipitch limestone sport route in a wild location one day but its hard to describe the location and kind of a locals' secret, maybe ask around? Blacktail butte in the NP is also nice limestone sport cragging on vertical edges. People talk sh!t about it but given that I don't get to climb limestone often I thought it was nice and had some good routes. I also went to solo the CMC route on Moran with a leisurely overnight at the CMC camp. I bushwhacked instead of canoe'd, which was a nice mini-cascades flavor, and ended up going in one way and out the other to see both options for going around Leigh Lake. The guidebooks all say to go out the Valley trail and on the East side of Leigh Lake and then bushwhack around the N side of the lake to the gully/creek leading to the the CMC camp, but on a map it looks much better to take the Paintbrush trail around the West side of the lake and then bushwhack in from there. Turns out the guide books were correct (who'da thunk?) and going the E side of Leigh is much more efficient although longer mileage (it's still a pretty decent shwack with neck high ferns, steep side hilling, and downed trees). Anyway, all the jungle blundering was for naught as I got rained on all night at CMC camp and was socked in by cloud all morning. I hiked out only to have things turn perfectly bluebird for the entire afternoon... c'est la vie. Will post some pics later this week. Gear Notes: Approach shoes and an extra pair of socks for when they wet out with the snow travel and post-thunderstorm shwackage. Approach Notes: What the guide books say...