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  1. Looking at new boots for lower 48 winter climbing (Cascades alpine routes and Rockies ice/mixed). I've used Nepals for years and am finally thinking I should get something lighter that also climbs better. I have a relatively wide forefoot but otherwise a low volume foot with a high arch. This would ideally be used for everything from dry tool sport cragging to long waterfall ice routes in the Rockies to alpine routes in the Cascades. I know nothing is perfect but a light, dry, war, durable boot that climbs and hikes well would be ideal. I'm currently considering Arc'teryx Acrux but concerned about how well it climbs (at least well enough to crank WI5 M7 without being a disadvantage?). Also, the Scarpa Phantom Tech but concerned about durability of the sole and zipper (yes this thing needs to be able to hike on dirt, scramble rocks, and get put through the wringer). Was looking at the LaSportiva G5 but that thing seems to be crap in water resistance so I'm probably ruling it out? Unless there is a good mod to fix that? Thoughts?
  2. I've had major slides happen in the Crook Cirque/Crater of BT as well. That thing is a solar oven and slides easy once the sun is out. Going up that E ridge to the summit would have been interesting, I've come in a little L of where you guys were. It is surprisingly decent rock, but legitimate climbing in that vicinity.
  3. Makeshift Roofracks at the Border Xing

    Hyundai accent in that year has only one type of discontinued rack that works for it. I have been looking. Also, I will probably only use the rack once a year at most so the investment is better spent elsewhere.
  4. Trying to fit all the gear for two people into my tiny Hyundai Accent for a week on the Parkway. I don't have a roof rack, and am strongly considering just ratcheting kayak straps through the car and strapping the skis to those with some cardboard to protect the paint job. I'm sure I can make it work but I'm concerned about the border (they like to give young bearded guys the shakedown and I like that beard when its cold and snowy) and wonder if they can/will deny entry due to this sort of thing. Anyone have experience with this?
  5. Thule roof rack fittting

    I have a Thule roof rack (bars/towers) for an Isuzu Trooper. They are not supposed to fit on a Hyundai Accent but the dimensions seem similar. Anyone tried to put a roof rack on a car its not meant for? What was your experience?
  6. 2019/2020 OR/WA Ice Conditions

    Found some ice on the East side of the Steens this past weekend. Approaches are fairly difficult but any cliff bands higher than 6500' with feeder snow slopes will probably yield something until the next major warm cycle. The couloir skiing was quite nice too. Anyone been in here before?
  7. 2019/2020 OR/WA Ice Conditions

    Strawberries in Oregon have some ice. A little thin/sunbaked on 2/1 compared to previous visits. Some good stuff on the shadier aspects.
  8. Tajikistan

    Hey Jesus, If you could pass on the name of that agency and what you did for accommodations I would much appreciate it. Thanks, Sam
  9. Tajikistan

    Anyone climbed here? Who did you use for logistics/porters/transport? Permit situation? Safety/security? Access to some peaks is along the Afghan border. Seems like its been done by westerners but not often. Looks like major peaks have all had multiple names as the political situation has changed (one peak I'm interested in seems to have been called at least 4 things at different times). Any resources for figuring out what is what? What has been done? Etc. (AAJ is pretty scarce on this topic and I can't read Russian). Thanks, Sam
  10. [TR] North Sister - E Buttress 12/28/2019

    Here are some bad pics to prove we were there and shiz like that...
  11. Ice / Alpine partners

    Where are you located?
  12. 2019/2020 OR/WA Ice Conditions

    Given the current weather I'm guessing we will have to wait a bit...
  13. Rainier North Side Routes

    Looking for a partner to do a quick ascent of either Lib Ridge or Ptarmigan Ridge. Looking for experienced and fit individuals. PM me if interested. -Sam
  14. Alpine Mentors Videos

    Worth a watch... https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOYnpuacr0hmFlciAgGvMYw/videos