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  1. Terror Basin \ West Mac Beta

    Thanks for the intel. If I interpreted your post correctly most of the headaches/hazards are closer to Degenhardt/Barrier rather than between the camp and West Mac? Also what was your itinerary on this most recent trip? Thanks again!
  2. Terror Basin \ West Mac Beta

    Hello all, I'm planning a trip at the end of the month into the Southern Pickets. Planning to spend two nights in Terror Basin and take a day trip up West McMillan Spire. May also try to go up the Pyramid but that's less likely. I'm interested in info/beta related to the following: Approach to Terror Basin Snow finger descending into the Terror Basin Camp State of Terror Glacier West Mac Spire itself Any other misc info (first trip into the Pickets) Lastly its possible we could extend the trip by a day. If you could extend this itinerary from 3 to 4 days what would you consider adding? E.g. summiting the pyramid, spending a night in Crescent Creek or Chopping Block camps, etc Thanks