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  1. Sauk River Road Access?

    Does anyone know the status of the North Fork Sauk River Road? (AKA Sloan Creek, AKA Rd 49). I know the FS says it's blocked by a slide, but I heard this might be passable. Just hoping someone has fresh beta. Thanks.
  2. Well done, thanks for the report! It's curious that it was so hard to get onto the base of the route this year; was your attempt to last year in the same season?
  3. Nice work Jason, it looks like you had good conditions for skiing. We had terrible visibility everywhere except in the couloir. Apparently I blew up the stash.
  4. Triad Climb

    Has anyone actually ever climbed the Triad and winter? I mean I know it's been done but I can't find any information about it and I am just looking for some general beta. Volken briefly mentions it under the Hidden Lake section in his ski touring book. If anybody has any information I would appreciate it. Thank you.
  5. wanted to buy BD Eldorado Tent

    Is anyone interested in selling a Black Diamond Eldorado or I-Tent? I'm looking to buy!! Let me know if you are interested! Thank you for reading.
  6. [TR] Columbia Peak - West Spur 10/06/2019

    Yeah, actually that was the initial inspiration for this peak. One day I'll have done all the Smoot guide but probably only because I'll have done most all the peaks around; it might be a while yet. He is a good source for peaks that don't necessarily catch your attention, that are best done shoulder season.
  7. Wow, nice work guys! That looks amazing.
  8. I know, 1 visit ever 5 or so years over decades, then 3 this summer! Views are over rated anyway... I didn't have any on Redoubt in July.
  9. Yeah, the "LNT" was pretty tongue in cheek I guess. Obviously I'm still leaving a trace. I always leave at least 2 pieces at a rap station, but I try to clean up all the old rat eaten stuff, I just hate the clutter when there are like 10 pieces and you cant even inspect them because of the nest of tangled webbing. Also my opinion of good enough to rap on is pretty liberal, a couple of bleached pieces are great in my book, I took some stuff off of Redoubt that was cut loose and left lying there.
  10. Definitely give us some route conditions beta if you do the Price!
  11. [TR] Sloan Peak - Corkscrew 06/01/2019

    Cool, sounds like a cruiser, fun day. Thanks for the report.
  12. [TR] Mt. Baker - Coleman Headwall 05/30/2019

    Nice work, thanks for posting!
  13. [TR] Lincoln Peak - X Couloir 05/05/2019

    Sounds casual, don't know why it isn't super popular. There will probably be a line next weekend.
  14. [TR] [TR] Sahale Peak - Sahale Arm 04/28/2019

    When I was there on 4-20 C-J was pretty ugly from a skiing perspective, mostly avy debris the bottom half or more. Not sure if you're looking to climb it, probably doable.