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  1. Super cool! That is one of my favorite spots in all the Cascades, glad you had a safe adventure. We wondered about that line, looking up at it, it is great that you and @manninjo have provided the details!
  2. A beautiful and BIG day out...I will check that out on the map....Thanks for the report!
  3. [TR] Forbidden Peak - NW Face 07/17/2022

    Sweet! I really liked this route. Glad you got on it (and off it) @Alisse and @Hoo!
  4. Awwwwwwwww.....man. I thought for a second that Dan was back slaying in the North Cascades....thank for the bump on this!
  5. Must do routes in Washington Pass

    I don't climb super hard, but I thought that the West Ridge of Paisano to NF of Burgundy was one of the better climbs up there.
  6. Ah.....thanks guys. Didn't mean to rain on your parade. I have a hard time finding that innocent joy in the mountains any longer but truly appreciate the sentiments you're conveying. Climb on!
  7. I have a couple dead friends (both had long falls off of mountains) that make this sound more than a bit ridiculous (or maybe I just don't get it). But I do love the stoke you have for the mountains!
  8. [TR] Mt. Jupiter - da ridge 07/16/2022

    That's a huge day without a bike! Cool to see the rhodies blooming....
  9. Boom! Just like that @wayne has kicked off the next 50 Classic Climb. It only took 15 years to catch on. Well done you two, and great write up Lani!
  10. [TR] Liberty Cap - Ptarmigan Ridge 07/01/2022

    Congratulations! Babies make great training weight the first year, thereafter not so much.
  11. ain't that the truth.
  12. [TR] Liberty Cap - Ptarmigan Ridge 07/01/2022

    So cool!! This was on my list for a long time, but then I got old and scared before getting around to it. But, I still need Sunset Ridge! Was going to get to it this year, but then I broke my thumb. I'll look you up next year @kmfoerster when your slogging cortex is well-rested -we can convince @Trent too!
  13. Well done! That's a lot to cover in a couple days...
  14. Wicked TR, glad you survived gear failure and the typically crappy early season conditions the Pickets can deliver! For future reference, high summer often starts about 7/12 (based on decades of weather data). As you've learned, weather is everything in the Pickets, and a "chance of showers" is almost always worse than expected.
  15. Trip: Colchuck - Broken Thumb Direct Trip Date: 06/25/2022 Trip Report: I'm not getting any younger, but luckily neither is @Juan or @Bronco. They would point out that even though my thumb is broken, at least it has 3 pins in it. And so it goes.... In my efforts to not let my infirmities get the best of me this summer, both of these kind gents were game for a slog up Colchuck a couple weeks ago. It had been a long time since I've been up there in the spring and how times have changed. I seem to remember the peaks as pretty busy 20 years ago but the trail relatively quiet. No longer! Several hundred people swarmed the trail to Colchuck Lake but somehow we had the peak to ourselves?! I was a bit in disbelief, but certainly didn't complain....about that. I was sure to complain about my stupid thumb and how I better not fall and bend the pins. As the nurse admonished me a few days before, " bent pins don't really come out very well." Thankfully, I didn't put that theory to the test....yet. There is always next weekend! I still have two weeks until the pins come out. Gear Notes: One pole, crampons. An axe if you have two hands Approach Notes: Follow the hordes to the lake, then your nose
  16. Here you go @sepultura!
  17. [TR] Dorado Needle - NW ridge 07/03/2022

    Me, as well.
  18. Oh, that is where all the steps came from at Colchuck col! Cool to see another TR on this one, it was on the spring list until I broke my thumb...
  19. This looks cool! I will have to add it to the list.
  20. I hang my dlsr (in a LowePro case) off of some cord and 'biners from my pack shoulder straps and hip belt. Works great on steep snow and rock up to low fifth. The cord allows me to adjust how it rides depending on how much clothing or which pack I'm using. This style of carry has served me well for a decade or so, after trying a lot of options. I sometimes ragdoll with it snowboarding and so far I haven't destroyed my camera. It is a heavy d750 too. Your camera would carry even better!
  21. [TR] Green creek - Circuit 07/01/2022

    Cool! I should go in there this summer and pull those markers, agreed that they are a bit much. And I know @dberdinka thinks so too... Great TR, thanks for sharing and I am glad your feet didn't slip!
  22. This is TR perfection! Love it. Glad you guys threaded the needle on that one, certainly an accomplishment! And yes, funny running into the Old Guard out there.... I think most of us would get along a lot better in this world if we limited our interactions to in-person.... And wonder of wonders, it looks like you may have brought a real camera??!! Great photos!

    @tanstaafl and @Atom....SW Buttress of Dorado Needle! Definitely worth the walk. Shameless link to my TR from 2011