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  1. Suggestions on where to live

    Appreciate the suggestions! I'm more focused on finding a core group of likeminded mountaineers to venture forth with than a good singles scene. Asheville's ruined the singles scene enough for me to swear off dating forever. (Crystals. Are. Not. Deodorant. OK?) As for rock climbing, I'm very much a novice there. Right now I'm focusing on building my aerobic base and learning the basic skills I need to slog it safely up the less-technical peaks. That will change as I get more experience, though.
  2. Suggestions on where to live

    @DPS You're the best. Thank you very much!
  3. Suggestions on where to live

    Sounds like I need to look into Bellingham and Seattle 'burbs! I might consider Leavenworth and Mazama. I'll need to rent, so those will be dependent on property availability. I also have two pit bulls, so that tends to limit things as well. Olympia is interesting, but I'd rather be closer to climbing if possible. Wondering... does anyone have a favorite Seattle neighborhood?
  4. Suggestions on where to live

    @JasonG Thanks for the intel!
  5. Suggestions on where to live

    Hey folks! I'm considering a move in the next year to Washington to get closer to mountaineering opportunities. At the moment I'm based in Asheville, where unsurprisingly there's not much to say for a mountaineering/alpine community. I've never been to the PNW before, so I'm flying a bit blind here. What would you consider the best places in Washington to live in terms of finding mountaineering community, education, and ascents? More context: From what I've found online so far, Seattle seems like the preferred option. Thing is, I grew up in Washington D.C. and I'm not super fond of living in a busy metropolitan zone. I have two dogs who need a big ol' fenced backyard to run, and I need some space to stay sane. A smaller town sounds appealing (Leavenworth maybe?), but I worry it'd be too far from the educational clubs/courses in Seattle, and possibly too far from the community. I work remotely and can technically live anywhere with a solid internet connection. I appreciate the help!