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  1. ...by "locators" do you mean a GPS personal locator device? An avalanche beacon and the requisite snow evaluation skills are a much better choice.
  2. I agree there is entirely too much emphasis on the gear aspect of going light and fast in the mountains...mental and physical fitness combined with experience are just as important, if not more important than shaving a few grams here and there.
  3. My friend came down with the flu on the drive up from Seattle. Anyone in the area and in need of a partner? Call 206 660 5513 and leave a message. Thanks, Will
  4. i have no idea what the model of the jacket is. it's thick and poofy, hoodless, about five years old. if you'd like pics, send me a pm.
  5. send a pm with reasonable offers if interested OR Down Jacket size XL black Patagonia R1 hoodless half-zip size L blue Chouinard Ice Tool OR Snowline Mitts size L GoPro HD Helmet Camera, brand new Omega Pacific Lockers x2 Omega Pacific D-biners all gear lightly used except for the camera which is BRAND NEW.
  6. sure it wasn't the strong belgian ales that made life better, toasty and giggly?
  7. is that the flow right above the Mt. Baker Highway?
  8. bucketz is a troll. best thing to do is ignore him.
  9. I was thinking of older, classic climbs that aren't already documented by a TR or webpage. Or just older photos of people climbing at places like Index.
  10. I'm curious if any of you old timers have photographs/stories of first ascents in the Cascades. (Maybe there's a preexisting thread?) I've seen similar threads elsewhere but not so much here. I really enjoyed reading Matt Christensen's recent trip report on the first ascent of the Boving Route on Dragontail.
  11. I received this camera as a gift and don't want it. $250, like new condition, comes with all parts
  12. sheesh,the weather must be real shitty for climbing and skiing in the PNW right now...
  13. Chris "I Rock Carhartts in the Alpine" Simrell heads to the North Ridge of Stuart taking a nap below the crux pitch on the North Ridge of Baker while waiting for a party in front of us
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