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  1. Franklin Falls conditions?

    I swung by it this morning (2/22) before a ski tour. Here’s a few snaps.
  2. Thanks for posting. Beautiful day to get out. I'm liking those skinny goulottes in the runnels section!
  3. Water Filtration: is it necessary?

    Generally the likelihood that I will treat/filter water is inversely proportional to the elevation. That is, at the trailhead I'm much more likely to filter the local creek water, but rarely filter from streams in the sub-alpine and up higher. It's not totally rational. But the herds (of people) tend to thin out as you get farther away from the parking lot. And they are the ones I'm concerned about hygienically speaking. Many years ago, I went on a week long backpacking trip in the rainforest in southwest Costa Rica. We filtered all of our water religiously. On the hike out, we stopped at a medium sized river and reluctantly pumped drinking water while looking at the upstream pastures full of grazing shitting cows. It was a long and hot walk out the closest town and you better believe we drank it all. Later that night, I opened up the pump to clean it and noticed a dime-sized hole in the filter. My guess is that it had been there for years. Nobody got sick that trip. Or anytime prior for that matter. Unless you're someplace with real hazard for contaminated water or nasty parasites - I say live a little. Also, nothing makes the world sparkle quite like being totally recovered from GI distress.
  4. 2017/18 Oregon Washington ice

    Alright glad to see the chain started! Was out ski touring yesterday 12/10/17 around Alpental. There was a party at the base of Chair Peak northeast buttress but didn't actually see them climbing. Thin smears of ice on the lower part of the NF could be fun.
  5. New Years Ice Location

    Cold or not I'd probably go to the Canadian Rockies. Otherwise, a few days in Cody and a few days around Bozeman maybe?
  6. [TR] Bugaboos - All Along the Watchtower 7/25/2017

    "LFC to infinity and beyond" ha ha that sounds awesome. We were up there a few weeks ago to climb the B-C and made much talk (but no action) about Watchtower. That picture of the headwall corner looks so good, I'm definitely heading back for it. Thanks for the topo!
  7. [TR] Bugaboo Spire - Northeast Ridge 7/31/2017

    Nice TR and fun running into you up there Nick. Thanks for the miniguide dude!
  8. [TR] Dragontail - Triple Couloirs 4/23/2017

    I skied down Asgard Pass that morning as part of the Enchantment Traverse and can testify that the wind-buffed top layer was quite firm and not great skiing. But it was fast Seems like this will be a good Spring/early Summer for climbing on NF Dragontail.
  9. Conditions - (base of) N Face Dragontail

    Thank you for the update Alisse. I was also thinking about heading up to try the G-S but imagine conditions probably haven't changed much over the course of the week. Of course you never know unless you go.
  10. New Climbing Podcast: The Firn Line

    I've been listening to it and appreciate the way that the producer allows the alpinist to tell their own story without the rigid question-and-response format. Hopefully the podcast continues.
  11. [TR] Colchuck Peak - NE couloir 4/2/2017

    Tunneling, snowsuits, eyebrow icicles, summit - this trip report has everything. Well done!
  12. [TR] Primus Peak-Eldorado - Traverse 6/24/2016

    Niiiiiiiice. Fantastic photos
  13. Love the pictures. Nicely done!
  14. [TR] Cody, Cooke City - 2/11/2016