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  1. Use this thread to post ice conditions, photos, and beta for Winter 2021-2022. Additional resource/online guidebook for the infomaniacs- https://cascade-ice.com/ Keep it simple and informative, be nice and stay safe out there!!
  2. ... I don't understand why there are only 6 people following this thread. ...its like people know WA doesn't have the best ice. Icicle Creek is trying, I guess. Some ice building on lower R&D butt. and 1.7 mile mark from where they stop plowing at Bridge Creek. Nothing protectable yet but maybe after another thaw/freeze cycle. Hubba Hubba looks... "Scottish." Thin and probably unprotectable after about 30 feet but it was tough to judge from below. The left gully seems easy enough and may go with only an ice stick or two, with mixed snow and rock floundering. Right flow looks too thin for me. Don't know if the hike is worth it. Chicken Gully or some random mixed stuff off icicle road may be better for another week or two. This snow dump is going to make the avy conditions on approach worse. Its really cobbly from all the season's slide debris. kinda miserable moving up the slopes in MSR ascents. I don't think skis would be an option, and crampons would have you post holing and turning your ankle the whole trip. Even thinking it was stable proved to be wrong when there was a pretty big slide as I was descending yesterday 01/26. Maybe about 100 yards from me, Yikes. That being said, some pics below for who wants to get after it. Stay safe if you're going for it soon. Gully Left of Hubba Hubba Hubba Hubba Chute far left of HH
  3. Ancient Lakes. Up close its thinner than it looks in the best shots here. Lots of water and rock seen behind any solid spots.
  4. Barely used BD Cobras, older style with leashes so you can hang when you have that strange realization of what you are really doing and how out of shape you let yourself become. Both for $250 near Leavenworth, $300 shipped to lower 48.
  5. As the season kicks off use this thread to post ice conditions, photos, and beta for Winter 2019-2020.
  6. Does anyone know the current condition at Mazama (Goat wall) and Wash Pass (Cutthroat, SEWS, Silverstar) for climbing right now? Snow covered or clear... ice? Thanks for the help-
  7. Reports in that Banks Lake is in. Zenith is looking fat. I'll try to get out there this week and snag some shots.
  8. Any info on Chair Peak or Guyes S.W. Gully? Thinking about a run over this week if Avy conditions aren't too rough. Went up Icicle Creek yesterday. Ice is melting alot during the day, but another deep freeze cycle may bring out the gully across the road from the "Icicle Creek W. of Snow Lk" sign pullout. Hubba Hubba looked thinnish but innish from the road. Going to try to give it a go this week.
  9. Use this thread to post ice conditions, photos, and beta for Winter 2018-2019.
  10. Banks as of 01/01/18 Had about 6 people total along the whole E. shore bringing in the New Year the right way. ...thin and raining death from above. The last two (sorry for poor quality) are Hubba Hubba (looks thin from the road) and R&D in Icicle Creek for some mixed. Should be good in 2-3 weeks. ..anyone have any condition reports/ beta on Guye S. gully this season? its been in the clouds the last 3 times I went over the pass... really want to get up there soon and when its in good condition.
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