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  1. I think that they believe that the increase will have zero effect on how many people come and it will just magically bring them more money. We'll see.
  2. I can sell you BD contact strap crampons but I'm in Eastern WA. grant_county73@hotmail.com
  3. Is there a problem with using an ATC in guide mode at the anchors instead of a pulley and prussik to build the hauling system in a z-pulley? Is it too much friction? Won't the ATC in guide mode also capture progress as well as a pulley/prussik? It seems simpler but no one seems to teach it so I am interested in why. Forgive me if this is already covered someplace else.
  4. I got mine from the lumber yard. I asked for a used lumber tarp.
  5. After losing 50 pounds I was left with the big calves that had carried my fat ass for so many years so I know the struggle. I wear Dalbello Sherpa boots because they are shorter and they work pretty well for me. +1 The recommendations for shorter boots and good boot fitting.
  6. Looking to try this route at the end of April and I'd like some gear advice. Will we need rock pro or will pickets be adequate? What size pro? Screws? Any other advice appreciated.
  7. Buckshot

    Mt Hood

    Looking to climb the Steel Cliffs option in late April. Is that too late in the year?
  8. Great pics. FYI, for a basic ticket, detaining you over 20 minutes is considered unreasonable and you can get it dismissed if you go to court. Hard to justify it for $100 but just sayin. >5 years law enforcement experience talking.
  9. Yes, I get a free pass, but I am already a pass holder someplace else that has reciprocity with this place.
  10. Not sure this is the correct forum but... I got offered a job teaching skiing at a resort that claims to offer half price gear and free professional training to its instructors. The job its self pays minimum wage. I have a decent 9-5 already and I'm looking for a way to get free training and cheap gear. Is being a weekend ski instructor a decent way to do it or just a waste of a weekend? Has anyone done this job who can give me some insight.
  11. Apparently, we are worried about the wrong things: http://www.cdc.gov/nchs/data/nvsr/nvsr64/nvsr64_02.pdf According to the CDC in 2013 these are the numbers of Americans killed by each category, fun read: Motor vehicle accidents: 35,369 Alcoholic liver disease: 18,146 Pneumonia: 53,282 Leukemia: 23,428 Malignant neoplasm of the pancreas (wtf?): 38,996 Homicide by gun: 11,208
  12. Has anyone been up that way lately? We are looking to go there in mid-August.
  13. The three of us climbed this route last year. Two of us have also summitted Hood, Adams, St Helens (Winter). Our 4th member cancelled, the permit is paid for. Looking for a 4th for the rope. Camping at Muir then moving to the flats to help the flatland members acclimate, summit on day three. PM if interested.
  14. I taught for two years after graduating college with a measly 2.9 GPA, its not an exclusive job and the pay is commensurate with the work and education required. I think K-3rd grade would be a nightmare but High School was pretty easy to teach. I have friends who are 40 years old and make 60-80K with their masters degree and coaching something. The pay and bennies are public knowledge its not supposed to be a surprise to anyone that its not manufacturing or bankers wages. I might be non-typical in my opinion because I actually love substitute teaching; push play on a DVD for $150 per day (no union dues) isn't bad extra coin on my days off and I can do it after I retire.
  15. 40 teachers in little old Ephrata make over $70K per year: http://data.spokesman.com/salaries/schools/2013/62-ephrata-school-district/employees/
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