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  1. Water Filtration: is it necessary?

    I agree with much of what the article's author says. For my last two backcountry trips, I've brought some of the iodine pills to put in the water, but never did that before and have never filtered my water. From what I've seen in restrooms, I suppose that most people do not clean their hands as much as they think they do. And it is bound to be much worse in the backcountry. Also, I am not sure where the idea about fast-rushing streams being safer came from. It's quite the opposite for me, I like to skim the top surface of stagnant water, with the idea that such water has had more UV exposure recently. And no, I've never gotten sick from drinking such water. I do feel a little safer though with the boiled water at camp, and as I said above, I do bring the iodine pills recently, using them for the stream water.
  2. Enjoyable article appeared recently in the Seattle Times about someone who occasionally posts here. Perhaps some of you will enjoy reading and viewing this article as much as I did: https://www.seattletimes.com/pacific-nw-magazine/the-mountains-have-taken-a-lot-from-outdoors-pioneer-lowell-skoog-but-they-always-call-him-back/
  3. Beacon

    Beautiful stuff, thanks. But what is the meaning of "day 42 (aged 42)"?
  4. Cramps

    For a period of a month or two, I had a problem with cramps in my calf muscles. Very painful. But they just seemed to go away on their own. I didn't try ingesting any concoctions, including more water, and am a little skeptical on their efficacy. I googled 'cramps', but concluded that nobody understood them. My guess is that the reported 'cures' are placebo. And I also suspect that psychology plays a major role. But I would like to be proven wrong here, and find enlightenment on the issue.
  5. FS: Two hangboards $10/each

    One large Entreprises board. Made of a type of mineral composite. Fairly heavy. Has a crack, but is securely fixed to a backing board. One small board, has the name "Pusher" printed on it. Either one is $10 or best offer. Contact me by email: jontne on Gmail Jon
  6. Laurel Fan

    That is sad to hear. I know she was an enthusiastic contributor to Mt. Project and an Index regular. But I didn't know about this Alpine Mentors. Seems like she spent a lot of time helping other people out. And far too young to go. But we all are very lucky to make it as long as we have.
  7. Need weekday climbing partners

    Sorry to hear about your partner bailing -- particularly in such a fantastic area. Good luck! And I'm hoping that Exit 47, aka, the "Fun Forest" has not been reclaimed by the forest...It has had a bit of a publicity problem, with it appearing only in Cramer's Sky Valley Rock (despite not even being in the Skykomish Valley!)
  8. Need weekday climbing partners

    Trang, I noticed a few people on Mt. Project looking for the same: http://www.mountainproject.com/v/pacific-northwest-partners/105795214 As for myself, I wouldn't mind finding someone to go check out the nice granite cragging at exit 47 near Snoq. Pass. It's been about 30 years since I last visited the place... Also, my knee is recovering from an injury, so am mainly looking to TR or follow routes. But there are some great cracks there, 5.7 to 5.12. Half-day trip is fine, any day Thurs - Sunday. gmail me 'jontne'.
  9. Thanks for the entertaining writeup. Seems like you guys have a great attitude for just getting out and experiencing things. Interesting names for some of these places... I also get freaked out on that granite 'sidewalk' at Darrington. Each time is "the last time"...
  10. [TR] L-town - Classic Crack- Leavenworth 10/14/2009

    Does anyone know if this has anything to do with how the Index climb "Deal With it Ranger" got it's name? Oh man, that was my worst ever Index route name. Indeed, it originated from those rangers at Classic Crack.
  11. [TR] Warrior Peak - 1a 6/5/2016

    The elderly people write the best TRs, it seems. Thanks. All excellent photos. That sunburst with all the colors is amazing.
  12. Fred's life documentary teaser

    I hope they don't keep that title. Should "Dirtbag" really be the first thing that comes to mind when one considers such an iconic climber, explorer, and with all his geologic descriptions, basically a natural scientist? I hope not. Perhaps the filmmakers were just trying to get a cheap laugh, and soon will come to their senses and correct it.
  13. Index, WA not your average town wall

    Welcome to Index, Leeuw. It's great to hear that you are out exploring. Thanks for the pics. I imagine that couloir had some steep steps in it. It was so when we went up there to access the start of the wall, and it must have some even bigger boulders in there now. It's rather scary how some of these walls shed rock. The "quarry" area between the LTW and the Country used to have mega-huge roofs with at least one route going up. Now those roofs are boulders on the ground.
  14. Index, WA not your average town wall

    I've heard a name for it before, but forgot. It may be something like Tom Thumb. I did a route partway up it in the late 80s. We didn't reach the top, but ventured into that region now obliterated with the obvious and huge white scar. I heard later that that rockfall came down in two events, each one waking up the townfolk.
  15. [TR] Mount Snoqualmie - New York Gully 1/13/2016

    The whole TR is great, but I particularly like that last picture of the fog pouring down through the gap. Did you capture it on video?