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willing to bet that our country had plenty of problems back then that they might not have called themselves "great".


If anything, we are prolly as great now as we were back then, if not more great, depending on the metric.


How do we define "great"? Judging by the photo, I would say the ability to work together towards a common goal but if that means having tens of thousands of soldiers dieing, I am ok with not being great.

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Getting old isn't much fun (esp. if you're obese and a smoker), so I think it is natural for folks to pine for the days when they could run and jump. I think a lot of the political posturing is just misplaced angst over the fact that we aren't getting any younger. Well that, and the evaporation of the middle class.


Watching my kids makes me realize that I'm older than I think I am. I'm sure I'll be a curmudgeon in their eyes someday.


Oh, and go TRUMP!

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America was great in 1984 because I was 15 and the Soviet Block boycotted the summer Olympics. McDonalds was running a promotion offering free food for every medal the US won. My friends and I ate a lot of free McDonalds food that summer.

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When America was great?






i reckon johnny cash covered both the question n' the picture pretty well here, no? :)


sam johnson's hints at the answer here:

"There are, in every age, new errors to be rectified, and new prejudices to be opposed."


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