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  1. Gloves are sold, axe is still available.
  2. Arcteryx jacket sold, BD gloves and axe still available
  3. Arcteryx Atom LT Hoody (Large) in Katalox color. Brand new with tags- $180 shipped. I originally bought this and shortly after found a different color I liked better. Things came up and I forgot to return it in time. Black Diamond Guide Gloves (XL) in natural color. Virtually brand new- $120 shipped. I bought these and tried them on at the house and they felt fine. Went out to do some crevasse rescue training and to test them out. Discovered out there they were slightly too big and I took them off and wore a different pair of gloves. They do not have tags but zero wear. Bought the right size and love these gloves. Recently wore them to the summit of Logan. Black Diamond Venom Ice Axe Hammer (50cm). Shaft has wear and tear, pick and spike are solid- $100 shipped. This axe was always slightly too short to be perfect for me and I was recently gifted a different, longer axe so I figured it's time to let it go. This is the older style Venom and I love everything about it other than the length for me. Pictures of all three items here, including close ups of the wear, pick, and spike on the Venom. https://imgur.com/a/fdhspdW
  4. I honestly don't think that would make a big difference. My feet sweat (though not terribly) on a day to day basis. I think a 12 hour summit day will result in my feet wet regardless if I have a warm boot or not, but what do I know lol I spent several years in the infantry and even lived with a Special Forces team for several months in Afghanistan. Never once heard of this. I'll Google it and check it out, thanks.
  5. I changed into my approach shoes when we got to Muir, but my feet were not wet at that point. I only wear one pair of socks so not sure the oven bag idea would work. That also seems counterintuitive, no? Seems like that would warm my feet more. My boots are La Sportiva Nepal Cubes. I'm a big fan of them. I'll try the Gold Bond next time and see if that helps. Don't think I'll be wearing my boots for the rest of the year though, just trying to get ideas for next season. Thanks. La Sportiva Nepal Cubes. I suppose I could bring an extra pair and change them on the summit or wherever we stop for a lengthy break. It was incredibly windy on the summit on Sunday so we didn't stay long but at the top of the cleaver we stopped for some food and it was calm enough that I could have done that and let them air out for a little bit. lmao, must have missed this model when I picked up my Cubes
  6. My feet run hot and after a long summit day they will be wet enough to become pruned and down climbing like that is killer. I just summited Rainier last weekend and by the time we got back to Muir my feet were destroyed. I took my boots and socks off for a bit to let them dry and changed socks and that made the hike down from Muir much easier but obviously I can't do that mid climb. So what's the solution? Gold Bond foot powder? I've tried different socks and it's the same issue. I'm using Darn Tough Mountaineering socks now and they are by far the best but again, after a long climb they still cause my feet to sweat.
  7. Any interest in doing Baker again or any other mountaineering? I just got into mountaineering and am trying to do another climb before the summer is over. I'm 26 from California and soloed Mt. Shasta for my first climb Memorial Day weekend and then climbed Mt. Adams two weekends ago, Mt. Hood last weekend and am about to do Shasta again this weekend.
  8. RTHo


    There are rules
  9. I just climbed Hood on Saturday via Old Chute. It was my first time on the mountain so I'm not familiar with other routes. We roped up after the Devil's Kitchen and put in a fixed line for the last ~100 feet just before the knife ridge as it was near vertical. I'd bring protection. The knife ridge wasn't bad, mix of snow and rock.
  10. Thanks for the input. I'll definitely head up there around March-April, those conditions you described sound awesome. Some of the shots I've seen of climbers going through the Pearly Gates are amazing and I assume the shots I'm referring to are earlier in the year.
  11. Agreed. It was my first time climbing it. I definitely want to return next year earlier in the season, is May the prime month?
  12. I just climbed it with a group yesterday and conditions weren't great. Snow is melting fast and evidence of rock fall was very evident. There weren't any crevasses. You won't be able to take the hogsback through the PG though. You'll have to take the old chute. It's extremely steep towards the top. The knife ridge from here to the summit is a mix of snow and rock but it wasn't too bad. We left at 1:30am.
  13. RTHo

    Mt Hood

    I just climbed it yesterday (July 23) and conditions are definitely not the greatest. Would like to climb it again next year earlier in the season.
  14. Hey guys just a little update. I summited Mt. Adams yesterday. Unfortunately the weather was pretty bad and I was in cloud coverage almost the entire climb. I got to enjoy some nice views and an awesome sunset at the lunch counter on Saturday night, but Sunday was completely covered. I'm climbing Mt. Hood this Saturday and then Mt. Shasta next weekend. Both climbs are being done through a veterans groups.
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