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What should be allowed in a "route report" discuss


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Mr. Clean is butch - look at that earring.


Matt - I think you misinterpret the exchange between me and caveman, no one was insulting or pissed off.


As to erasing the material why bother? Its not like it had any detrimental bearing on the original posts? What I mean is: someone new to the thread, would still log on and read the original posts in order, and glean the info therefrom. By the time they got to my and Ray's exchange either they would see it as a humorous counterpoint, or lose interest. No need to delete it because it did not diminish or disparage the info content of the original posts.


Maybe if we had been claiming that the original posters did not climb the route but had had a 3 way orgy at the bivi or something, and that their route info was fully made up and wronmg, then it would be time to delete. ? I dunno. Not like there was any factual misinformation in the deleted posts except maybe that Ray blamed Alex instead of Matt or whatever - I dunno cause that stuff is deleted and i cant check it to see. tongue.gif

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I'm going to say it, you guys suck. Look at the first post in this thread. Look how much time and thought Matt put into his post. In my mind he surely doesn't have to justify what he did, let alone tell people that he was the one who did it. Yet after getting bashed he still comes out asking for your opinion. And just like you do on every other fucking thread on this board you spew your stupid shit. You guys are on my fucking shit list. Beware.

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Mattp, your suggestions for route reports thread content sound great but also sounds like a lot of work for you. I say if the "angry people" don't like what the moderators are doing, then they can go to summitpost or nwhikers. I hear they have good sites. Its not like your suggestions are unreasonable, in fact they sound kind of obvious....

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"Dr." Flash say:


"Helpful info on fabric repair ..."


Dude, don't waste my time with your fabric repair nonsense


You know what I want from this site?

More beta on the fabrics themselves, including this Spring's new colors and patterns. Have you seen the new Verve "Leda" Capri pants? I predict, (and I usually don't make such predictions so you know I've got some happenin' feelin's about all of this) that these pants are going to take Smith Rocks by storm come April!!! It's gonna be, like, forget that "project", I'm just gonna stand at the base of the Dihedrals rackin' my draws and doing a little sequence miming as my fellow sporto's pass by. They gonna say, "wherdya get the pants?" and I'm going to be elusive and say "Irpac" with a kind of foreign accent so people will think I'm a visiting big boy from the European circuit. (Actually, it's Capri spelled backwards but don't tell anyone.) Then watch.....what happens the following week.....the new pastels and floral patterns will be ALL the rage!

So get over the fabric repair and stifle the pie-hole until you can comment on the real stuff.....PANTS!





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we like proper editing, not improper editing... editing with panache, style and grace.


Something along those lines. I especially felt one of my writings recently in particular was useful and thoughtful.


I'm not saying what matt did was wrong. But if you are going to do it and then make it public expect a little critism.


I even have a recent photo of Big4 mtn. But I can't speculate the ratings from the road yet. Need more training in that dept. I'd post it and it would likely be removed cantfocus.gif

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You make a couple of valid points. I may well have misunderstood your exchange with Cavey and the initial erasure may not have been necessary because there wasn't anything that was horribly offensive. On the other hand, it would have been perfectly easy for you, Cavey or anyone else to resume that exchange. If you wanted to debate whether or not Bob Cotter is a dork or whether you or Cavey are qualified to comment about him, I would not have had a problem with a brief diversion in that thread as long as it didn't contain the usual gratuitous insults. Better yet, in my view, would have been to take that argument to another thread.


Your second point, "why bother," is also valid. Perhaps as in the case of the prior Chair Peak thread we could just let things run their course and when a thread deteriorates we should be happy that there was two or three pages of good information before the discussion headed south. I have a fantasy that there could be one section of this board where people stay relatively close to the topic and refrain from flaming each other, but perhaps I'm just dreaming.


Minx -

You are right. There is some useful information along with the garbage in that Chair Peak thread. I haven't looked at it closely, but I think that it will be difficult to cut out the garbage and leave the "useful information" without leaving what will read as a scattered thread that is hard to follow. Maybe that would be OK, though. We have had some discussion of this in the "Moderators" forum, and it is difficult to figure out what's always going to work. I think DFA is right, that it has to be done on a "case-by-case basis."


I started this thread in hopes of getting some feedback. Thanks to those who care to address the topic.

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