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What should be allowed in a "route report" discuss


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I didn't see the thread before it got moderated, but like to see that there is more moderating going on when things get out of hand. Thread drift is not as bothersome as personal attacks though, that stuff sucks!!


This is my 1000th post. Someone buy me a cake, or tie up my fingers so I stop spewing nonsense. cantfocus.gif

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I dont know if bob cotter is a dork or not, and i dont know if his routes are hard or not because i havent done any of them, but he is guilty of some supreme chestbeating in published articles in AAJ, CAJ, Mountain, High and the Canmore Clubhouse logbook, and this aroused the ire of th Canadian Rockies "Social Climbing Club" (Jo Jo, Twight, Blanchard, Robinson etc.) and they reflected this in the choice of some route names. He may have taken note cause I havent seen any Cotter spray in the mags or anywhere since about 1997...either that or editors have imposed a blanket rejection on his work... who knows.



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Actually, there were some personal attacks. They may have been mild by your standards, but when you tell someone to fuck off and call them a dipshit or whatever, that is personal and it is an attack. Dru may be correct, however, that I may have misinterpreted the exchange and censorship wasn't justified in that particular case. That's why I started this discussion.

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Try these on for a few!


"Safety Pants", Men Without Hats

"Riders in my Pants", The Doors

"I Can't Pants", Genesis

"Who Let the Pants Out?", Baha Men

"Shout at the Pants", Motley Crue

"Fire and Pants", James Taylor

"Blue Suede Pants", Elvis Presley

"The 18 Pants Overture" - Tchaikovsky

"Smells Like Teen Pants" - Spirit, Nirvana


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Matt, how about using the polling function on this site? Let the sprayers weigh in with the rest on the simple question, "How important is it to have the Route Report Section spray free?"


- Not important, it's better with spray, no censorship... fucker!

- Kinda important, wading through useless posts sucks... let us self police and moderate gingerly

- Very important, Spray not tolerated... heir Furor


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Toast -

A poll would offer some measure of opinion, but I'd wonder exactly how to interpret it. I think the polls get answered mostly by the die-hard sprayers and if I am correct, this would skew the result. Certainly, the poll would be answered by the people who are on-line at work and probably would not be answered by those who check in once a month to run a search on "chair peak" in hopes of finding some crucial bit of beta.


Also, I don't know if a poll would or should change the editorial policy of the board. Jon and Tim set up the site with different forums and intentionally gave them different ground-rules. So what would we do if the poll came out 100% in favor of taking an "anything goes" approach in the route reports? Or, conversely, what if a poll came out with a result 100% in favor of disallowing all spray from any forum?


More useful, I think, is to discuss the issues and see if there are any new ideas or see if we can better define what the ground rules are. There is no moderator's handbook and while Jon or I or somebody else may sound rather strident about the proper place of spray, here is your chance to influence things.

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we like proper editing, not improper editing... editing with panache, style and grace.


mabe Cavey, but if we "set the expectation" that we're not gonna go overboard with the spray and thread drift in that section, then it should be pretty obvious why the moderator edits somebody in that section.

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