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What should be allowed in a "route report" discuss


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You may be right that I only saw the word "buttnuget" in Cavey's autosig and this may have led me to misinterpreted the exchange. If so, Cavey should consider an autosig that isn't intentionally obnoxious. But what I saw was six or eight posts, I believe all but one contained some kind of rhetorical put-down or at least the assertion that another poster didn't know what the hell they were talking about, and don't think Cavey's autosig was the only graffic nastygram. I concluded that this banter was going to continue and that it was not relevant to a discussion of Big Four or Colonial and could just as easily have been undertaken in another thread, perhaps in the Spray forum. Jon and Tim have been requesting that the route reports threads not fill up with garbage since just about the beginning of this board, and I will try to see if I can help that along in the forums that I moderate.


The "rules" have not changed and I really don't think there is much that is unclear. The only difference is that Jon has decided to ask that people actually follow them. In the forums that I moderate I will try to my best to do so fairly.

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I just got moderated by Ade after making one (1) sarcastic post in the ice conditions forum. If I remember correctly I didn't even swear. Anywayz, I suddenly discovered that I have very little tolerance for getting moderated myself, so I have a greater sympathy with Ray than I did before.


I've got a couple of suggestions - (1) Matt should give Ade some moderation lessons, (2) the moderators should learn to move posts instead of leaving those DELETED BY comments which just wreck the threads, and (3) the rest of us can just post beta in the spray section until things are straightened out. After all, in spray anything goes.

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I understand why you or Ray or anybody else might not want to be moderated on. Even though it is obviously personal, try not to take it personally. What I saw in that thread appeared to me as if there was some effort to push the margins a little bit, and I don't remember your post in particular but the general point is lets try to keep spray in the route reports forum to a minimum and, as the sprayer's say all the time: it's the internet and it is really no big deal. If I or Ade or anybody else are not doing a good job, you can complain about it here or send PM's to Jon or whatever, but try not to get too upset. Just because you may be proud of your sarcastic remark of offended that it was removed doesn't seem to me to be grounds for advocating a battle with the management of the site.

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Alrighty, no beta in spray then.


I guess I wasn't very attached to my post, because I pretty much can't remember what it was about wink.gif But if I remember correctly then it was intended to convey that posts like the one or two Chepe made don't have any meaningful substance. So in effect I was trying to get the thread not to devolve, which is what I usually do (outside of spray that is). I think Ade probably deleted my post because it made absolutely no sense after Chepe's posts were deleted, which is consistent with the moderation policy.


This policy of cascading deletes is not very good though, because nobody likes to see the DELETED BY comments. The natural reaction is to ask what that stuff could have been, that the reader for some reason needs to be protected from.


I think a better solution is as follows:

- Split the thread being moderated

o The signal stays in the same place

o The noise becomes a new thread in the spray forum

- Add a post in the signal thread with a link to the new thread and the screen name of the moderator


The new thread in spray is completely inconsistent but nobody cares because it was just meaningless spray anyway - otherwise it shouldn't be moderated in the first place.


It's possible that UBBThreads don't let threads be split very easily - I don't know because UBBThreads isn't freeware so I have never played with it other than as a participant in this board.


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I think Ade probably deleted my post because it made absolutely no sense after Chepe's posts were deleted, which is consistent with the moderation policy.

Just for the record that's why I got rid of your post, I actually thought it was quite funny and appreciated your effort, but it made no sense when the posts it refered to where gone.


Deleteing threaded posts is quite tricky - seems the order you remove them is important or something. Sometimes you get a ..DELETED.. gravestone left behind, sometimes you don't.

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Off the top of my head - I'd guess that if a post that has already been replied to is deleted then the database becomes inconsistent because the replies now refer to a non-existent thread identifier. If this is true then posts should be deleted in the reverse order of posting, but can't be deleted if there is already a reply that should be kept.


The deletion code might deal with this as a special case that results in DELETED BY. A better solution might be to simply point the zombie replies to the first post in the thread.


Gee, you'd think I get enough computer stuff elsewhere but apparently not.



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