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Gorge Ice


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Drive in from Hood River to PDX every day and have watched the ice form all this week. Crown Jewel filled in quite a bit from yeaterday and almost completely iced over (few holes). Conditions get better further east. Mist falls looks thin but I think the weekend should be good. Stay safe. Saw 3 rollovers on the way in this morning! Sorry if there is another post on this. Just trying to pass the time while stuck in traffic.

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Saw some guys in a silver Audi heading in to crown jewel on my way to work. Further east and the ice is as good as. I have seen it in a decade. There is a line east of aims worth due south of the truck weigh station mp 45 that is the first time I have seen it look climb able. Get it while Ito is still around!

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Come on you Sallys! No one was out this morning when I drove through at 9:30am and the road was clear. I did 60 mph in a Honda Accord from HR to PDX this morning. Looked like I saw some specs across the way on the sunny side in WA. At least WA climbers are hard! Ice has been forming up well. Everything looked in, but a little thin. Even crown jewel was in fully but thin on the lower 1/2. Climb to the right of mist looked in if you start the upper falls on left side and work up and right. Ainsworth looked good, but was being blasted by spindrift from a truck as I went by. Get out there! Should be even better tomorrow and it has not been above freezing since Tuesday. Was 19 when I went by this morning and zero wind. I think the wind aspect will change when this new system comes in....

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Plenty of stuff got climbed on both sides of the river today, Ryland. With the snow accumulation and cooler temps, south-facing lines were easier to manage for some. Winds were blustery, gusting +30mph today in places which made conditions interesting and sometimes feeling colder than the high teens reported.


I wouldn't hazard to say what's 'in': gorge ice can be often thin, brittle, wet and unstable - all at once. Use your best judgement and buyer beware - but several parties were out climbing successfully all day today.

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