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  1. Trip: Silverton, CO - Whorehouse Hoses Date: 12/15/2013 Trip Report: Did this route Sunday to avoid some of the snow drifts that were affecting other routes and was a great choice. 3 pitches, WI4-5 (5 if you take the route on the right at the 3rd pitch.) --1st pitch 200 ft so 70m ropes needed. --2nd pitch short and unremarkable. --3rd pitch with a WI4 and WI5 option. The WI5 route was still looking a bit thin so we did the WI4 which is about 55m. Bolts at the top of each pitch. Rap down. 2 70m ropes best bet for rappelling the 1st pitch/last rap. Really pretty ice and fun climbing the long pitch. A couple pics here- http://www.fortyfivedegreesnorth.com/blog/2013/12/16/ouray-brrrrr-ay Approach Notes: From the usual parking lot in Eureka, the climb is visible across the creek in the back of a deep chimney. Hike up the chimney/canyon to the base of the ice. The Whorehouse Houses are on the right (east) side of the canyon, up Niagara Gulch.
  2. Gorge Ice

    Started up Ainsworth Left this morning. Ice a little wet and screw placements pretty crappy so backed off. Looked pretty awesome from a distance. Know some people got up a couple pitches on it yesterday though. A couple of photos from today here-- ainsworth left
  3. [TR] Mist Falls - ? 12/6/2013

    Thanks JasonG. Just getting it going. Other people's blogs have been so helpful with my own adventure planning so decided to start some reporting of my own. I've got a bit of a backlog.
  4. [TR] Mist Falls - ? 12/6/2013

    Awesome link. I think those areas are all west of Mist Falls. We didn't do any more scoping but are headed out again tomorrow. Report to follow.
  5. [TR] Mist Falls - ? 12/6/2013

    a little gusty but not even close to being prohibitory.
  6. Trip: Mist Falls - ? Date: 12/6/2013 Trip Report: The Columbia River Gorge has some ice! Mist Falls, while a little bit wet, is climbable. A nice, easy 1 pitch route. Gear Notes: A few screws. A pic or two here- http://www.fortyfivedegreesnorth.com/blog/2013/12/6/columbia-river-gorge-ice Approach Notes: From Portland, take exit 28 to Bridal Veil Falls and continue east on Historic Highway a couple miles to a pullout on the right just before Wahkeena falls. A trail leads up to the base of the route.