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  1. Cooper30 is thin but good to go. Have at it.
  2. Climbed the Cooper 30 and some fun mixed on Sunday. It's still fat and happy.
  3. Nisqually bridge. Half way between Longmier and Paradise. We also climbed 2 lines right at the start of road to Ricksecker Point. One was thin and un-protectable the other fat and vertical at the top. You have to rap in and climb out. Park where the road is closed and rap over the edge right there.
  4. "Mikey's Gully" thin, but in. "Mikey Likes It" not quite touching down. We didn't look at Narada Falls.
  5. Take dried potato, spices and butter to add to your freeze dried meals. Put twice as much water in the meal as it says, let it sit a while then add some stuff to amp it up. Take dried fruit and sugar to add to your breakfast cereal. Take the food that you know you will like to eat. Take the best chocolate you can buy (Toblerone) instead of M&Ms. It may cost you more but you wont regret it.
  6. Just got back form a month in Banff. Climbing in the Polar Vortex was kind of brutal.
  7. Still plenty of ice on the Eliot. 2 more lines have formed up right next to the Cooper 30, and some mixed as well. Had fun up there today.
  8. Leaving Portland for Banff tomorrow. Will be there 4 weeks. Don't have anyone lined up to climb with Jan 26th to Feb 1st. yippieway@gmail.com if your interested.
  9. Cooper 30 is in good shape. 4 of us climbed it today.
  10. This climb is called "The Cooper 30" It's 30 meters tall and hangs off Cooper Spur above the Eastern side of the Eliot Glacier at 8000 feet elevation. It forms early, I've climbed it in mid November. And it lasts late, this year I climbed it in May. Where else can you go locally and find water ice that lasts 6 months of the year? Some years there's a whole mess of other ice handing up there too. Head in from "Tilly Jane" trail head 5 plus miles. In the summer when the road is open you can drive all the way up to "Cloud Cap"
  11. How to Climb ice in Oregon in May Step 1) Refer to, How to climb ice in Oregon in March. Step 2) Do that, because the ice is still there. Its bleached and sugary on the surface, and may not last too much longer. So go get it now, cause, where else ya gunna go find water ice in May.
  12. How To Climb ice in Oregon in March Step 1) Drive to the Tilly Jane trailhead Step 2) Hike / skin to 8,000 feet on the Eliot Glacier Step 3) Look to your left Step 4) Climb it
  13. Went back up onto the Eliot Glacier yesterday. The ice is still in good shape. Got me thinking however. I've not seen or heard this climb named anywhere. I've no doubt this thing has been climbed many times, cause, if your hiking up the Eliot, well there it is in full view. It's at 8000 feet and forms up early most years. So I came up with a name for it. I'd like to call it "The Cooper 30" Cause it's 30m tall hangs off Cooper Spur. If anyone knows of it being named previously please speak up.
  14. This is what is to be had on the Eliot right now. Have at it.
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