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  1. Idaho Ice Partner wanted

    Looking for an Idaho Ice partner! I know this is in the wrong forum, but I am not a proud man (throw a MEAN alpine knee) and love getting out on the good stuff over the holidays. PM if interested! Spencer
  2. Idaho Ice Partner wanted

    Looking for an ice partner in Southern Idaho, currently in Boise but obviously can meet at the crag. I am safe with a buttload of gear. PM if interested!
  3. Portland area ice partners

    Short on partners right now, looking for a Portland area based ice partner. I climb WI4ish, and dont complain about approaches. Looking for someone keen on the gorge, drips in the hills, strobach, etc....
  4. Any retired ropes out there?

    A friend of mine wants some ropes for his boat, the fatter the better. Any retired ropes welcome.
  5. Twin Falls Ice

    Have any of the climbs in Twin Falls came in? With this weather it seems like they should, but would like confirmation before stealing my folks car in Boise Spencer
  6. Quark modifcation question

    I just sawed off the bottom part with a hacksaw, the remaining piece of plastic becomes the spacer.
  7. Hood?

    How is the snowpack looking on the upper palmer? Is it skiiable with only a small chance of not getting a core shot?
  8. La Sportiva Fit

    I would say you are probably good. I wear spectres and I have a "scarpa" foot (fat, wide feet). Also keep in mind grilamid is actually pretty easy to fine tune to your foot.
  9. Raynauds Syndrome

    to clarify, what particular symptoms are indicative of Reynaud's?
  10. Raynauds Syndrome

    Just out of curiosity, how do you know when you have Reynaud's vs regular cold fingers? I often get the white finger on a couple of my fingers, but considered this normal when i am generally cold
  11. I think I last did the Dk about a month ago. I understand the nature of changing conditions, curious as to what the bipolar spring has been doing to the route.
  12. just out of curiosity, how much ice climbing experience do you have? Not trying to be a dick, just sounds like the route has gotten way gnarlier recently.
  13. Overnight at muir

    if you feel real bad descend, your good. Dont bring MREs those things are heavy, yucky, and most importantly not fit for human consumption.
  14. Scarpa Freneys size 44 $125

    Pair of good condition Scarpa Freneys in size 44 ~10.5. Great synthetic single boot, never quite fit my feet well enough. $125 + Shipping. Pics as soon as I find my camera.