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  1. I've got 6 BD Turbo Express ice screws for sale (1x 10 cm, 2x 13 cm, 2x 16 cm, 1x 19 cm) and 2x MSR pickets. Ice screws are still sharp, place easy and have plenty of life left. Obviously no falls (c'mon its ice climbing...) Pickets have been well used/beaten. Plenty of life left as well as you'd be hard pressed to actually destroy one. $20 each for ice screws $10 each for pickets Buyer pays shipping or picks up in SE Portland. Drop me a line at colin.bohannan@gmail.com
  2. Managed to dust off the login and come back to CC... Also, I did a WEMT course a million years ago before medical school so I'm biased WEMT > WFR > WFA, hands down. But it also depends what you are looking to contribute on climbs/bigger trips. As you get more training you get a better idea of sick/not sick, when to bail due to injury/illness, and how to manage the patient/your partner on the way to better care or a flight out of whatever hellhole you've got yourself in. WFR (and WEMT) training will also help you communicate much better with the rescue teams and convey appropriate & important information that can help the decide between ground or air help, resources needed, etc. TLDR: If you can afford the time and money, get WFR. Knowledge is power.
  3. Bump. Make me an offer, folks!
  4. One winter and one trip to AK of use on them. Maybe 20 days total? One nick in the integrated gaiter but otherwise in great shape. Asking $375 + I'll ship them anywhere in the States for you. Happy to shoot you pics if you email me @ colin.bohannan@gmail.com
  5. Blue/green Aliens sold, puffy pants sold. Everything else is still available and I'm open to offers!
  6. I've got some old beater skis set up as approach skis. Have silveretta 404s that fit most mountaineering boots and a pair of old skins (but they could use some new glue). Asking $100. Located in Portland. Email at colin.bohannan@gmail.com
  7. Canadian Rockies is usually pretty solid that time of year. Had one of my best trips up there in late March (spring break as well). Things are usually fat and the temps moderate. You can definitely get skunked by the avy conditions but there should still be some protected stuff to keep you busy.
  8. Clearing out some expedition gear that I won't be using for a long while (grad school...) I'm located in Portland and can be reached by email at colin.bohannan@gmail.com. Buyer pays shipping (whatever method they prefer). MSR EGK EX Stove: $100 Used on one trip to AK and a few trips around the northwest. Comes with its repair kit, windscreen, and bag. 2x 20 ox MSR Fuel Bottles & Pump: $35 Same as above Phantom 6000s Size 47: $350 Climbed in a for a couple weeks total. One small nick in the gaiter and some minor abrasion on the left inner boot. These climb amazing but I'm sticking with my Phantom Guides for local stuff. Aliens: $35 each 2x red, 2x yellow, 1x green, 1x blue.
  9. ColinB

    FS: Aliens

    Bump. Still available!
  10. Climbed Crown Jewel this morning (those were our headlamps). Wet and thin but protected with 10s and 13s. There was another team lined up behind as we rapped off. Not sure how long its gonna be in but the second pitch was in decent shape.
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