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  1. measuring hips with hands in the pockets must produce a nice roomy fit! I could go for that.
  2. DM'd
  3. sportiva siderals. $200 obo. super light, moldable liners never melted. scarpa matrix. $75 obo. quality boot. soles in great shape. dynafit inserts. will list skis and skins shortly.
  4. [TR] Mt Adams - South Spur 04/21/2021

    nice pics, looks like you had the hill to yourself except for the goats.
  5. Mondo Size 30; (I think the liners say 30.5) - US Men's size 13 super light alpine touring boots with Dynafiddle inserts. Tread in very good condition. bails for crampons. Price: $200 obo.
  6. Mt Hood

    I've been noticing recently Timberline is heavily advertising "no camping" in their lot. For those of us who have used the lot over the years as a convenient launching pad for ski mountaineering early morning missions, this is troubling if enforced. Does anyone have any more info? Why so serious, Timberline?
  7. why'd you sell your Taco? Hope you got a Sprinter in the bargain. Kinda interested. But I'd need a taller canopy, I think. still have the canopy?
  8. it's like you have the exact same pile of crap I've been meaning to give away. I have this stuff too if anyone wants
  9. Solid one day effort! Good thing you knocked this out before the smoke rolled in a few days later.
  10. partners wanted across the pond in June/July

    There will be people from all over the world at the Glen Nevis hostel to link up with, at least for the hike up Ben Nevis. Of course, you don't have the benefit of stalking them on cc.com to look at their palmares before hand.
  11. Bummmmp. Let's get the remaining books sold. They look cool on my shelf, but they'd look better on yours. "It was not about being a 'hard' climber, not a challenge to prove how good we were, but a pure and simple test of ourselves. That moment when I knew I was strong enough and powerful enough, mentally and physically, to overcome the obstacles in front of me came as a rushing exultation, a joyous realization that this was why I was here. George Mallory once wrote after succeeding on a climb, 'We're not exultant: but delighted, joyful: soberly astonished ... Have we vanquished an enemy? None but ourselves ..." I was meant to be there. I became entranced, absorbed in the game of reading the ice. The feeling of invincibility was infused with the wondrous irrationality of what I was doing - immutable, anarchic living, the essence of climbing, of simply being." (Joe Simpson, The Beckoning Silence)
  12. Is this sold, or just a blank post?
  13. [TR] Mt Hood - South Side 7/21/2016

    traded for Beacon