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  1. next up, some bullshit non-profit "Mount Hood Educational Institute" to stick its snout in the trough, too.
  2. Scarpa Mount Blancs. My toes get wrecked on a long slog descent, but I think that's a feature, not a bug, of a climbing boot. Ski off the mountain when possible.
  3. great pics, as you are known for. I can never get the exposure right when I'm photographing things in full shade but also full sun. looks like a wonderful day in the mountains!
  4. here are a few of the more offbeat ones from my bookshelf
  5. I'd like to get these in the hands of someone who would use them. Basically haven't touched them since 2015. Jacket is 650 down, XL, nice and bulky, it's a bailout jacket when things go south on big mountains. Not for wearing around town unless you live in a really cold place. Has internal water bottle pockets, fuzzy lined outer pockets and a zip-off hood for some reason. Stored hanging in a closet. smoke-free household. took it up Rainier a few times. review: https://www.outdoorgearlab.com/reviews/clothing-mens/down-jacket/mountain-hardwear-sub-zero-sl I'm the second owner, the first owner bought this jacket for a Denali trip but never used it. The outer shell is somewhat water resistant so this would make a great cascades ice climbing belay parka too. 0 degree left-zip long down sleeping bag. Same deal, this is for winter camping or shoulder seasons on the volcanoes. I duct taped a little pinhole as you can see. if you cared you could drop some superglue in there I guess. stored unstuffed in the the intended bag shown. compression bag included for it. I'm original owner. cash only, prefer local pickup in Portland.
  6. I would think a home indoor climbing wall with juggy holds and thick mats underneath would be a nice addition for a kid who really loves to climb
  7. here is some info on mines on the north side of J-berg. thediggings.com
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