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Ideas of where to go this weekend??


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I am new to the site so if this is the wrong place to post this, sorry, let me know and i will remove/repost....thanks.


So it is a long weekend, it is rainy here in seattle, and i am not overly excited about the snow so i am leaning more towards rock climbing.


I am new here, and not super familiar of the where to try to climb around the PNW in the winter theme, but trying to learn.


So my question is anyone have ideas of where to head within say 5+/- hrs of seattle which might be climbable??


Vantage is not looking great, neither is smith, or eire, but also perhaps i am not familiar enough with reading the weather here ( i am coming from the desert, so it is a little different with precipitation from here).


Any helpful suggestions, or ideas would be greatly appreciated, and again if this is the wrong place to post please let me know.



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There's a pretty high percentage chance you would be wasting your time trying to rock climb in the PNW this weekend. It looks like there's a fairly strong system coming through. Monday doesn't look too bad tho.


Vantage and Smith are probably the two warmest / dryest spots and it looks like its supposed to be cold and wet there.

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I'm tempted to head to Vantage but the weather looks pretty crappy. I've got a job interview in Ellensburg on Monday so I was hoping to do some weekend cragging near E-burg all weekend. Maybe I will see some of you out there? Looks like I won't be bringing a partner so perhaps I can find one there? I've been wanting to check it out for years now.

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