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  1. Cool thread. For me, goin' to the crag or the gym is like goin' to the mall. I'm surrounded by all the popular kids in new gear buying stuff at every new expensive store in the place 'n all I can afford is a cinnabon and a $5 CD from the dusty discount rack!
  2. E-rock, where 'bouts in WNY u at, 'n what phily 'burb you from? We do have some common ground. It's refreshing. But the big diff is u got a girl worth hangin' for. I don't. Things aren't great. Usually they kinda suck. Point is it ain't worth livin' here. My pops has alzheimers in ROchester. My mom was june cleaver for almost 50 years and the real world has kicked her ass with my dad bein' unable to make decisions anymore. My self-serving brother lives nearby and has been in her ear more than I'd like. It's hard to have an impact from 6 hours away. The lake front house south of 'cuse my folks were forced to move out of lays empty and starting to look unkept. And I have a standing offer to wrench bikes in Syracuse. My gf, may or may not come with me. I'd like to see the effort, but it's probably for the best if we just cut our losses 'n call it quits. At least syr is do-able for her. Seattle, where I have another standing offer to wrench bikes, is not do-able for her. I just couldn't bring myself to tell moms I'm gonna bail that far away when she needs me to be around 'n lend a hand, so I haven't really considered the cascades, but it sure as hell is knockin' 'round my noggin'! To thicken the plot, I have a potential opportunity for a job that's actually in my field that pays good moncy, but it's here in Cleveland. Tempting! But I'd be prolonging my bad relationship, still too far from the 'rents, and still not anywhere close to the hills. I have a few days to make my final decision. I'm gonna be drinkin' a lotta beer. Anyway, thanks for the thoughts, dude. GOod stuff.
  3. So after 3+ years of living in the wind-swept flats, I'm finally movin' out. I even got a job offer in Redmond, Wa! But I'm gonna head to Syracuse to help my mom deal with my alzheimers-stricken pops and take care of the house. Duty calls. Hurts turnin' down the washington gig, but at least I'll be closer to the hills, trails, 'n ice! Maybe next year.
  4. Thanks dude. Should I change my handle? I'll never get to be spray master. Don't worry about it. Spray Master is not all it's cracked up to be. The yoke is heavy. Very heavy... It's no walk in the park just posting in here sometimes. What's the trade-off? Do you get free ice cream? Cuz that would be rad.
  5. Ya got me thinkin'... this usb interface thingy I got defaults to dumping down in the form of an mp3 so I uncompressed it into a wav file. It opens it up to what it was in the first place. mp3's are SO compressed. I hate 'em. When i first dumped it on soundcloud and listened to it I could hardly tell it was stereo. So I replaced it with the wave file and it's a massive difference. Headphones, as always, are the best way to listen to it. I also ended up panning the rhythm guitars really hard L/R and put the bass/drums/lead all toward the middle. That helped a lot with separation. Thanks dude. Should I change my handle? I'll never get to be spray master.
  6. Instrumental Guitar: http://snd.sc/wuJDio
  7. THanks! I just realized the better mix didn't end up there... I'm fixing that now. I did the whole thing on a Zoon MRS-8 digi-studio. It uses an sd card. A cpl hunert beans more 'n I could'a got one that had on-board cd. I hate dealin' with the computer so intimidation and bad reviews on zoom's software and goin' via card-reader 'n all that kept me from finally mixing down a master track and gettin' it off the recorder. So I bought an analog-digi (numark stereo io $50 at sam ash) that has rca's (2 in 4 out) which is what the main L and R outs are on the recorder. Recorder-> interface-> computer via usb. It dl's what it needs immediately upon pluggin' into usb. moments later I was live. I'm gonna get goin' on a fresh project today! Hopefully it won't take me another 4 yrs to finish. IT sure is a lotta fun though... far cry from the old cassette 4 tracks. And I can avoid computer-recording, which is the big thing to me.
  8. Ok looks like that works. The analog to digi interface, that took me 5 stores to find, and that also distracted me from pickin' up the new VH record, was the key. 50 clams well spent. Maybe I'll get another one down soon.
  9. ok its on soundcloud. What now? THis stuff is another language to me.
  10. How do ya post audio? I finally laid down a master track of my 4-year project. I wanna share.
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