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  1. Yakutat to McCarthy (with Logan along the way).

    You are probably right about the lower Hubbard being too broken. Is there any way to avoid the worst part by taking the eastern embankment? I suspect earlier in the season wouldn't hurt either. Myself, I always wanted to do the reverse of the 67 snow traverse up Seward down the Kaskawulsh but which way did you go on your traverse?
  2. Problems in Cheeseland

    One would have hoped that considering your and JayB's very dismal batting average since we have been going at it, you'd show a little humility but I already know that it isn't in the cards. You'll go down posturing for it is all you can do.
  3. Problems in Cheeseland

    it's depression math alright
  4. Problems in Cheeseland

    how do we explain your pulling numbers and progressive credentials out of your ass?
  5. Problems in Cheeseland

    Well JayB, if it comes down to cutting services (whatever form it takes, be it layoff, hiring unqualified workers for less money, or whatever) you'll have to bear that responsibility like you have to bear squandering trillions on wars of choice, giving tax cuts to the robber barons who don't create jobs, deregulating the financial sector responsible for cratering the economy, refusing to raise taxes on the wealthy who pretty much pay as little as they ever have since the advent of the nation state, and on and on with the up is down reality you revel in.
  6. Yakutat to McCarthy (with Logan along the way).

    What a trip! Surprising they didn't take the Hubbard from near the toe as it'd have been significantly shorter.
  7. Problems in Cheeseland

    Appealing to the reptilian part of the brain isn't the same as giving a voice to the middle and working class. Walkers' tactics are called 'divide and conquer' (he acknowledged so himself). They are the same tactics used by regressives all over the nation to pit the young against the old (lie: "SS won't be around when you get to retire"), the public employee against the private employee (lie: "public workers earn too much and we can get them to do the same job for less"), nationals against immigrants (lie: "illegals steal your jobs and bleed the safety net dry"), union workers against non-union workers (lie: "union thugs are paid too much"), etc. "First, they came for _____, and I did not speak out, then they came for ____, and I did not speak out, etc .."
  8. Problems in Cheeseland

    The public interest is in having the state provide adequate services, not cut rate services provided by unqualified people not making a decent wage. Now, if we could get people like you to quit your anti-taxation demagoguery, we'd get others to see nobody is talking about increasing taxes on the middle class. "set your country free, pay your taxes"
  9. Problems in Cheeseland

    More of the same lies by the usual suspects. Let's remember that private sector compensations are on average higher than that of the public sector when comparing workers with equivalent qualifications, seniority, etc: "observers generally agree that wages of similarly situated workers are lower in the state local sector than in the private sector. The disagreement hinges on the extent to which benefits offset the wage penalty. Our re-estimation of the much-used wage equation plus adjustments for proper valuation of pensions and retiree health insurance indicates that the two roughly balance out. The estimated difference nationwide is about 4 percent in favor of private sector workers." http://crr.bc.edu/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/slp_20-508.pdf
  10. Mary Jane Dihedral questions

    I believe the bolt on the slab to the left is on Carla's Traverse, a 10a variation that meets the Orbit corner one pitch earlier than MJD.
  11. 45 Years ago today....

    I told you KKK sounded like a UN hating john Bircher.
  12. 45 Years ago today....

    I had no idea my understanding of international law had such influence with 99% of countries at the United Nations. I think I'll start throwing my weight around a lot more from now on. Thanks.
  13. 45 Years ago today....

    whatever the circumstances of Jordan's custody of the West Bank and East Jerusalem, it has no bearing whatsoever on the legality of Israel annexing territory occupied during the 6 day war. Annexation of East Jerusalem by Israel is null and void said the UN, repeatedly.
  14. 68 years ago today marked...

  15. 45 Years ago today....

    PP felt like trolling this morning. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Annexation#East_Jerusalem