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  1. It really depends on your experience in my IMHO - really, if you have spent some time on snow/ice/rope travel and just needs some ins/outs of crevasse rescue, then the short course would work. If you are a poor man - then a copy of the " Freedom of the Hills" may be a good value. Then you take some buddies out and practice, practice - as they say in the above, seriously -- the only thing that really works is good glacier travel, and don't fall in.
  2. Alex and Dan: A good reminder - for any newbies, it's called "Avalanche Alley" for a reason. Especially with the early heavy snowfall conditions.
  3. It's pretty old school - ever try wool? It even warm when it's wet.
  4. Obviously, in the Czech Republic they do not know the "Euro" method of glacier rope travel for 2 (even 3) climbers using the "butterfly knot" as a "stopper" to shorten the fall and help with rope dynamics. With 5-6 butterfly knots every 3m between climbers that takes care of 30-35 meters, and still leaves some tail for each climber to set up a pulley system. Nice music though. Maybe they can get a copy of Freedom of the Hills (Edition 7, pg.387) or later. p.s. The Mountain decides who lives and who dies - beware of the slippery slope. btw, when you fall far enough to scream - that's called a "Screamer" not a "Whipper".
  5. Have you tried on the Lowa GTX-EVO. Boots all have their pro's and con's, fit is of course the # one issue - these seem to feel ok at a half size larger as I have a wider forefoot due to many run miles.
  6. The Mountain-forecast.com has of course the best detail, especially regarding the wind speed. Since Mt. Rainier is well known for creating it's own weather, the high winds and thunderstorms can be nasty. Typically the early part of July has been problematic with the last week or so getting better. It looks like things open up for a better start on Thurs - Sat in the predictions, I did the Emmons the 3rd week of July once and went up to Camp Schurman to wait things out. You could also maybe get some current conditions from the climbing rangers at the White River Ranger Station at 360-569-2211. Good Luck
  7. You are right about Mail Box. Let's throw in Mt. Daniel to keep them busy, has a good scramble route as well as the Glacier.
  8. Get on Amazon.com and order a copy of Washington Scrambles - a good way to get started on nontechnical summits, and put the Freedom of the Hills on the bookshelf for awhile. You could also try the popular I-90 corridor hikes if you have summit fever - such as Mail Box Peak, Granite Mtn. or McClellan Butte.
  9. Get a copy of 'Climbing Mt. Rainier' by Mike Gautier - it will cover all the bases for your preparation. this link https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Dstripbooks&field-keywords=climbing+Mt.+Rainier
  10. I agree - no way this time of year you will get 5ft of snow on The Mountain. We have been having only light storm conditions lately - you could check with Rich Marriott at King 5 News - he's a mountain climber and good weatherman. Other wise just keep checking on the local weather and mountain conditions. www.nwac.us is a good source also.
  11. Check in at the REI in Poulsbo, there might be some climbers or some they know of.
  12. The web has you tagged for following Hyperbole Canyon on CC.com
  13. This sure looks and smells like spray.
  14. Do you have any GPS coordinates? Good work! Just a guess - It could be part of "Jump Off Ridge" at 5,000ft elev. It reminds me of Static Point back by Sultan.
  15. Oly, copy that! It's happens to all of us - getting that feeling that we are first to find a neat place, and find out not.
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