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You guys suck


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Call me politically correct. But I think that you guys who seem to have to spray all over any topic, with no effort to even make it clever let alone significant, are doing nothing but showing what idiots you can be. Sure, most of us who hang out on this board all day long are not looking for beta and we may not want to have to think about what we are saying, but does that mean that there can never be any discussion that doesn't fill up with inane one line posts that add nothing?


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For the last two weeks, I've scoured this site for substantive discussion and mostly it has been pretty thin. Yesterday I was excited to see Mike post something that was thoughtful and provocative, something that might actually interest readers who are climbers and who are not bored out of their minds at work or up-to-date on the latest inside jokes at cc.com. It started out well, but then there came a whole page of one-line quips that had absolutely no content whatever - and weren't even funny. I called bullshit so that makes me a politically correct whiner-prick. So sorry to ruin your mornings.


I like a joke as much as the next guy, but if anybody would care to explain to me why there is some unwritten rule that every thread on this board has to consist of at least 50% inane banter, I'd like to hear it.

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