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  1. Orizaba Trip

    Daisy all talk, no action!
  2. Almost lost my life

    Alright, no more mundane climbers beta. Let's hear your death defying epic. [ 11-08-2002, 12:00 PM: Message edited by: Mantung Poon ]
  3. You guys suck

    Me agee with Cavemen, anyone can post mundane, climbers root bs. Let's hear the time you almost lost you life.
  4. Crampon Attachment Preferences

    You drift off topic again sprayer, be careful, Mattp could say "you guys suck".
  5. You guys suck

    Mattp has great sense humor. Can't wait to climb with him.
  6. The Date swap game at cc

    If I could keep from the smell, then I'd have it licked
  7. Any Tips On Keeping Water From Freezing On Climbs?

    I keep my vodka in freezer and still liquid. Instead of water drink 80 proof booze on your next climb.
  8. The Date swap game at cc

    Take easy with whip Daisy,I can only do so much. Mantung get tired.
  9. kellyclimbsnow

    What is PNs?