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  1. Oh I see................So your fairy style moustache is totally different from the one in Jordopes avatar............I see.
  2. Heinie, When you are there you gotta bust over to the Kings' Cross area of Sydney and check out the pub/club called "NEXUS".
  3. First off -- I love dogs. Second -- I love climbing. BUT having said that, I really think there are times when the two should not mix. In congruence with DFA, a lot comes down to the owner. Yappy dogs are no fun to listen to while climbing, and often the owners think it's cute and perhaps adoring. At the crags, sure, dogs can be tolerated for the most part, and to mirror DFA's point, the dog should be pretty much sleeping. I have had someone dog come over, pick up a piece of MY webbing, carry it over to the shade below a tree, and commence chewing. By the time I found out, I was pretty much convinced that I was out the cost of the pre-sewn, BUT the fucking owner and her friend thought it was truly funny. I should have asked for ten bucks, but I was too pissed off and left the area. Alpine, dogs have no business being there. I have seen ignorant fucking people bring their dogs up to very sensitive alpine environments and seen them tearing up the fragile flowers and soil while engaged in pursuit of wild birds, causing them undue stress and burning their energy stores off. Again, no leash and the couple found it endearing and exciting. This time I said something, not being nasty, just explained what was really happening there. Their reaction = clueless and careless. Dogs can have a large impact on the wilderness, hell we do enough damage, do you really need to bring your dog into the alpine??? Pick a nice trail, put the dingo on a leash and pick up his steamers and dispose of them properly.....
  4. Mr._Chips

    You guys suck

    Damn!! I thought I had er figured out on that one, Oh well, I shall never ever ever try for a Page Top Again You have my word on that one.
  5. Mr._Chips

    You guys suck

    Okay, this has got to be PageTop? I really want this one. If this is not PageTop, then I will never try again.
  6. Mr._Chips

    You guys suck

    AHhhhhh that felt good [ 11-08-2002, 12:58 PM: Message edited by: Mr. Chips ]
  7. Mr._Chips

    You guys suck

    Just illustrating the point that MIS-COMMUNICATION can lead to many problems and help perpetuate spray, like what I just did to Chuck, see how things can get de-railed quickly, along with attitudes. sorry Chuck, it was whoever next quoted me, random spot. Thanks in advance for being a good sport. [ 11-08-2002, 12:54 PM: Message edited by: Mr. Chips ]
  8. Mr._Chips

    You guys suck

    I said "a lot of times.." You know, sometimes it would help if you read the information a little closer sometimes. Yes, I read "round 1" and found it interesting and somewhat insightful, I have been on intra continental climbing trips and have some stories and lessons of my own. You don't see my avatar on that thread do you? There are SPRAYERS = only spray There are also people who mix it up with helpful ideas, comments, suggestions, beta, opinions, questions, and spray.....in fact, I bet that pretty much sums up most users in the forum. I am not talking about the poster of the round 1 thread wanting folks to "LOOK at MEEE", it's the sprayers who seek out the popular threads Now get your head outta yer
  9. Mr._Chips

    You guys suck

    I'm trying to get on the bandwagon here. Any hints at all, or am I on my own on this one, you know, cut down on the competition, you know, cause it's so fierce.
  10. Mr._Chips

    You guys suck

    When is a good time to PAGE TOP??
  11. Yes Tim, how eloquantly stated. And on that note, I will leave this one as an unsolved mystery......Unless Stefan, you find some more insightful information to add to this queery.
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