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You guys suck


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I suggest you make an appointment with your family Dr. Get him to prescribe you some medication to control your high blood pressure, you really have a fuckin problem my man. When you get a little older, you're gonna have to watch that. I suggest cutting down on the salty foods also.


Moreover, is MattP your girlfreind?

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You know what sucks? Living in an LDS-freak dominated zone. I heard an ad about this website on the local radio: http://hotsaints.com/

It's a little indication of what I deal with in "The Right Place". But I guess it's the best way to meet chicks while still avoiding Satan's temptation to spank (http://fishproducts.com/powerandrubber/sex.html)

It's better to stay away. The skiing and climbing sucks here, too.

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There is a difference between having fun and being an idiot. There is a diffence between being funny and being funny at someone elses expense.


There are some people here who think they have some god given right to do and they say what they please here with no consequences. You have a right to your opinion here, within reason, but you don't have the right to jerk people around litter the board with worthless crap.

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Originally posted by ScottP:


Originally posted by Dumpster Diver:

(snip) It's like a bar atmosphere.

Except the drunks (spelled c-h-r-o-n-i-c s-p-r-a-y-e-r-s) have the humor, debate skills, and consideration for others of thirteen year olds.

I'm with Matt; you guys suck.

The way I see it you are right there with all the c-h-r-o-n-i-c s-p-r-a-y-e-r-s [laf]
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Originally posted by Fence Sitter:


The "maybe" and "little" is what I'm referring too.

seriously, would you like this site to be only beta? hwo often would you check in? mabe once a month? you come back for the shit stirrin debates and to hear the pious ramblings of the great chicken f'er TRASK... like i said before...if all you want is beta try summit post or bivouac...
[Roll Eyes]
there is a reason there are 3,000+ people on this site...its called fun...(oh and avatars
[big Grin]
[big Drink]
I didn't say or imply that I wanted this site to be only beta. Spray in spray was my only point. Maybe I'll just start throwing out useless beta in the spray threads to even things out?? [Roll Eyes]
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