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Originally posted by Greg W:


Originally posted by JayB:

As a Scout I'd say I took part in at least 3-4 community service projects a year growing up...

That was until Jay got kicked out for eating Brownies.
[big Grin]
Was he practicing knots at the time or what?


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JayB, Looks like my rant on this theme really went to hell on page five. I guess I need to apoligize, but just as I never said I was a Vietnam vet, I never said you can only give back to the country by doing military service either. That was also assumed. Congratulations on what you've done, and you should be proud. Thank you, Sir. Dennis

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I overall disagree with what Dennis has been writing, and this 40 year old, mostly-Republican, secular-based conservative thinks that today's youth are generally smarter and just as hard working as preceding generation(s). Expectations of them are generally higher all around, and I am particularly bothered by statements that they are unpatriotic. I believe this generation's response to 9/11 has gone a long way to dispell many unjustified notions.


As a father of a 16 year old daughter, a 13 year old son, and brother to a 21 year old university student, I am by no means far removed from the "younger generation", and I can tell you with great certainty my concens re this group are minimal.


The pendulum swings back and forth....right, left, right, left.....the trick is to keep it from swinging out of control, and I don't see that happening in the near future. Sure, I'd like to see things farther to the right; but not so far that the game is won. What fun would that be?

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Dennis, I can appreciate anyone who can admit they're wrong once in a while. [big Drink] But since you're in reverse I'm still wondering who in their teens to mid-twenties are drilling sport routes in Washington, and how does that compare to the other age brackets? I don't know the answer myself, but all the route developers in Washington that I know of are in their 30's, 40's, and up. Maybe they should have put this question on the latest census? [Wink] I think the other thing that needs to be clarified is it the age of the person drilling the bolt or the years of experience. Is a 23 YO drilling a bolt worse than at 44 YO drilling a bolt even if they have been climbing for the same number of years?


Not trying to pick a fight. [big Grin][big Drink][chubit]

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Originally posted by Dennis Harmon:

JayB, Basically what you're saying is that you've never done squat for your country and you're going to try to turn the argument around. Just admit it, lad, you've done nothing and never will. Dennis

Well, since I already took the bait on this one...


With respect to the draft, I never answered a call that never came.


As far as not doing anything for my country goes, I'd again have to disagree that serving in the Armed forces is the only way one can make a contribution. As a Scout I'd say I took part in at least 3-4 community service projects a year growing up, and took part in at least two or three a year in high-school in soup kitchens, old-folk's homes, etc. In college I took the initiative to plan and execute a food drive that generated 500 bags of groceries for Northwest Harvest, and worked with a local coffee roaster to get gourmet coffee at wholesale prices for a coffee sale around Christmas time, the proceeds of which we turned over to the same organization. I also organized two high-way clean-ups and worked as a tutor for low income kids in a housing-shelter for a year while working and completing a double-degree in Biochemistry and History. After moving to CO and starting on with an investment company out there I worked on at least two habitat for humanity projects, helped coordinate a United Way pledge drive that raised nearly $10,000 in contributions in our local office which in turn generated a $20,000 gift from HQ for the local community, and gave $250 per year to United Way myself by way of payroll deductions. I also got out in the mountains quite a bit, and while there helped in two rescues and a trail maintenance project.


So I've never been to war. Neither have you. You were paid to serve the country, I've never asked for a cent. There are plenty of men in this country who are in a position to tell me that their contributions to this nation far outweigh mine - I grew up around quite a few - but you're not one of them.



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