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  1. Your state (province (Dru)) of origin

    Is that why your spelling is poor?
  2. 22 Killed in Virginia Tech Shooting

    So it sounds like you're saying you're not the brightest bulb on the marquee?
  3. Christian Climbers.

    Really! *very* few shared concepts? CS Lewis (atheist turned Christian) makes the argument that the incredible similarity of right and wrong across cultures points to proof of a God. I don't buy the link, but I think it's one of those things where you can say, "oh, there are striking differences" but also "oh, there are striking similarities"...
  4. Christian Climbers.

    Jesus was all about disrespecting the overly pious... that is one of the main themes in the New Testament.
  5. Christian Climbers.

    The pastor should have reminded his flock that the Big Guy will be judging them for ostracizing the teen.
  6. Christian Climbers.

    Growing up in a conservative Babtist family, all they ever told us was how to convert someone, how to bring up religion in everyday conversations, etc. I was worried all my friends at school would go to Hell. I was convinced Catholics, Muslims, Buddist were all going to Hell and it was my job to get them on "God's side" Greenfork, pay attention to the world you live in!! Its all around us!! Indeed, Christians are supposed to "make disciples of all nations". So you could argue that Christians who keep to themselves, instead of trying to convert everyone, are in fact sinning. You could also argue that living a life true to Christ's word is more likely to positively influence non-believers into living a godly life than is "throwing religion in someone's face" like your baptist friends did.
  7. Christian Climbers.

    I can say with absolute certainty that that is extremely unlikely. Perhaps my statement was too strong, but whatever. I used to have a knee-jerk negative reaction against anything Christian... I was quite prejudiced. From what you've posted, you seem the same way.
  8. Christian Climbers.

    I thought that the Christian view was that you would be accepted into heaven if you accepted Jesus as your saviour, and truly repented for your sins. Saviour is not earned through actions, but is a gift to be accepted (and so the theory goes... in gratitude for accepting this gift, you will want to live a righteous life). On gay/lesbian issue, well I guess you are screwed if you believe the bible word for word and are practising gay - because that means you aren't repenting for your sin. OTOH if you believe, much more reasonably, that the bible was written by some people with 2000 year old prejudices and cultural customs, but that the general message is what's important (love your neighbor as yourself, etc...) then you've got a way out.
  9. Christian Climbers.

    I don't really know any Christians like that personally. I know they're out there, because I see them on TV, and in the news. I used to think exactly like you, but at some point I learned not to judge everyone by the "actions of many". At some point I realized that most of the Christians I know are good people who don't throw religion in your face.
  10. Christian Climbers.

    I guess the good Christians keep silent (wait... isn't that what you want??) so all you see are the intolerant outspoken folks. If you brand all Christians that way, then haven't you become what you claim to hate? You post a picture of followers of "Westboro baptist church" (which is just some dude and his extended family) and tie it to all Christians. Who's ignorant now?
  11. Seat belts don't add extra weight and make it more difficult to drive. It is not the same mentality. It is not machismo. You are wrong and you don't know what you're talking about. Just try to accept that please.
  12. Another Mt Hood Stupid Comment

    Title paragraph for foxnew's story:
  13. Another Mt Hood Stupid Comment

    Oh crap, scratch that.... I just opened up Mark Twight's book, and he says packing toenail clippers == "packing for failure"
  14. Another Mt Hood Stupid Comment

    For your day trip up the SS, don't forget your 5 MREs, shoe polish, toenail clippers, duralogs, and 5 rolls of TP.
  15. 3 Lost on Mount Hood

    Scott/Cluck, thanks for doing what you're doing!