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Originally posted by trask:

btw, who is that wacko lookin' fucker in your autosig? Looks like he's trippin' -

the story:


my original autosig was this:




but somebody (i forget who) found it objectionable (i guess they thought it made fun of retarded people, which i disagree with but i'd see somebody's point - i mean i'd argue about it but..). anyway, that person had a tom stoppard quote in their autosig so that's how i appeased them.


sorry for posting the potentially objectionable pic again.


[ 07-10-2002, 04:40 PM: Message edited by: Muir on Saturday ]

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You could try creating your own auto sig. A picture of you,,, or perhaps something that you say often... Mine this week is what I screamed as I fell (for the 100th time) off the 5.10c crux that was SPANKING me on sunday [big Grin] Be creative... We all want to get to know the real you a little better [Wink][Razz]

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