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  1. Scuba Diving.... another really fun sport

    SCUBA, as in Scuba Diving, stands for [self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus.] It requires one to go under the water with a pressurized tank of air strapped to his or her back from which the person then breathes with a hose (connected to the tank) called a regulator. It is a fun sport and you get to see fish and plant life and breath while underwater without drowning. Many people have given up "sport" rock climbing in order to pursue Scuba Diving because it is so much more fun and adventurous. Dennis
  2. How do you go poopy in a zip-lock bag?

    I haven't been on Mt Rainier since the NPS enacted the requirement that everyone go do-do in plastic bags and pack them out. I have lots of questions about the techniques required and am asking for answers. What if the bag ruptures inside your pack on the way in and covers the rope and gear with feces...should you bail, or just ignore the problem? What if your partner gets shit on his or her hands while crapping in the bag...and insists on cooking dinner? Is it advisable to wait to go until just before sleep...so you can use the fecal-baggie as a foot warmer? Do you have to return the stool to the NPS...or can you take it home as a souvenir? What if your partner gets tired and asks you to carry all the shit...should you do it or let him die? Any answers would be appreciated. Dennis
  3. ANWR drilling

    Just caught a good program on '60-Minutes' concerning opening up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) for oil exporation and possible drilling. I personally find that to be a highly disturbing proposition given that this nation has done little, very little, toward the development of an efficient mass-transit system. My first job out of the army was as a medic for a DOT transportation test project outside Pueblo, Colorado where we were learning the art and science of high-proformance 'bullet train' technology. We only spent about a couple billon dollars on it...and I still havn't seen squat derived from that research. Why do we still not have a 200 MPH train down the middle of the I-5 corridor that can take you from Seattle to Portland in under an hour? I'll tell you why...it's because of the amount of money that the automotive industry out of Detroit can throw to D.C. lobbyists to stymie any real development. So now they want to drill in the ANWR so as to continue contributing to global-warming and put ourselves in position to enter Armegeddon...and to keep the entire city of Detroit employed in their union-scale jobs. My children say, "thanks." Dennis [ 07-16-2002, 03:47 PM: Message edited by: Dennis Harmon ]
  4. Greg W

    Trying to get back to Greg W. ref. Wash pass this weekend and can't recall the topic! Any assistance would be appreciated. Dennis Harmon
  5. Greg W

    I'm too retarded to post reply. The number is (509)665-0148. Dennis, and hope to hear.
  6. Greg W

    Thanks Lambone, We don't all work for MicroSoft...believe it or not. But genuine people still do exist out there. I've always wondered what whould happen one day when someone's toilet plugs up and they're desperately trying trying to un-plug it, and go on the inter-net to try to find a plumber...but can't find one...because they're all on the internet. Interesting idea, eh? Dennis Harmon
  7. Who climbed what?

    Rich, Good job! And what's next, lad?...Whatcha gonna do next... Ghostbuster? Dennis Harmon
  8. Mosquito Repellent?

    Have to agree with Dr. Ben. Smoking does seen to work as a repellant...but then so do I. Maybe you ought to come climbing with me, or else just jump off of the mountain. Either approach seems to work rapidly. Dennis Harmon
  9. trail clearing

    Off White, I liked a lot of what you wrote..."Fixing trails should be done to enhance the recreation of the people...the only problem is who is defining "recreation." I favor the muscle powered form...." The Wilderness Act was designed to keep the 'motor-heads,' i.e. ATV, snowmobilers and motorcycle riders at bay. I don't believe it was ever intended to keep us 'foot-soldiers' away. But, I guess, if that's the price I have to pay, then I'll rescind all of my prior posts on this topic. I've never said that I've never been wrong before. Dennis Harmon [ 07-23-2002, 09:54 PM: Message edited by: Dennis Harmon ]
  10. It Was The Best of Times, It Was The.....

    Poptart, What kind of a "name" is that to call your self anyway? Frankly, and maybe I'm too stupid but, I just don't understand the question...and even if I did, I probably still won't respond because you are a big idiot...and I don't "weather fools well." (Where is Trask when you need him?) Good God!... Dennis Harmon [ 07-23-2002, 11:13 PM: Message edited by: Dennis Harmon ]
  11. trail clearing

    Again, in my opinion if it's an established trail, regardless whether located in forest or designated wilderness, back country managers and/or volunteers should be able to effectively maintain them employing whatever means...up to and including nukes. Dennis Harmon
  12. Why did my "Bolt policeman" topic get cut?

    Just wondering why my above mentioned thread got locked out. Must have struck some sensitive nerves, eh? I'll try to be more PC in the future. Apparently you musn't piss-off anyone here at CC.com. Why don't you consider a pub-club in Leavenworth. That might help a lot. Dennis
  13. Message Board Maintance Tonight!!!!

    Just checking to see if this thing worked. Thanks Jon and Tim. DH
  14. trail clearing

    "...went right over you head." The prosecution rests its case, your honor. Dennis Harmon
  15. trail clearing

    Not A Climber, Don't pay them a darned nickle! I assume that you're an American citizen...which means that you're an owner of that forest. Dennis Harmon [ 07-21-2002, 09:19 PM: Message edited by: Dennis Harmon ]
  16. trail clearing

    Dang! Lizard Brain...that was an interesting (and rude) comment all at the same time. Care to go wash your mouth out with soap now and then come back? We're writing about different approaches to wilderness management here...and that's the best you can come up with? Go back to school! What an idiot... Dennis Harmon [ 07-21-2002, 09:03 PM: Message edited by: Dennis Harmon ]
  17. a question for all you free climbers

    What? Could you maybe re-phrase the question...because I just don't get it. Dennis
  18. Rare and out of print books for sale

    To finance a climbing trip...
  19. Can Rockies

    Please don't talk about that. It only happened one time. Your going to have the FBI all over me now...and fuck you very much! Dennis
  20. Groovy Alpine Party Idea!

    Cool Dwayner! Think we could get Margaret Thatcher to come too? Dennis
  21. Can Rockies

    Yea Trask? Ya gotta a car to come pick me up in?(cause mine runs like shit these days) And can I get a ride back? DH [ 07-20-2002, 12:40 PM: Message edited by: Dennis Harmon ]
  22. Rare and out of print books for sale

    Joe Brown's "The hard years"...and Don Willans "Portrait of a mountaineer" both for sale in hard-back original publications Will sell for 200 dollars each. Non-negotiable.
  23. An optimum population for America?

    We currently have about 280 million people in this country as opposed to the 210 million we had when I was born 44 years ago. At the risk of being even more inciteful, are there people out there with opinions as to how large this country should grow before we say enough is enough. This will probably get edited too, but thanks. Dennis
  24. An optimum population for America?

    Ya gotta love lesbians. Thanks Trask! Dennis [ 07-20-2002, 04:34 PM: Message edited by: Dennis Harmon ]
  25. Dennis H.

    And ya can't figure out how to enter the chat area? huh? Dennis