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I'll tell you a little story... Many years ago, when I was diving instructor, I had a student (female) who was very proud of the fact that she could pee standing (and would boast of her ability and show anyone who cared to watch - she was more than a little strange). I of course what astounded, and mildly annoyed at the negative publicity (or so I thought) she was 'spraying' for women in general. I will admit I thought the concept kind of repulsive.

Then I started doing extended range diving (long deep dives on mixed gasses with LONGER decompression times), and I realized very quickly that men have an advantage in such situations as we all wore drysuits. Men had the Texas Catheter (condom with some tubing) a one way valve, and outflow valves on their drysuits. Women's options, catheter, hold it, or diapers. hmmm..

When I started climbing, I realized again that women were again at a disadvantage in these areas. It sucks to have to bear it all just to take a leak (at least we can, and are not stuck in a drysuit), not to mention possibly dangerous depending on the environment and your harness type. SO, when I found out that some women had solved this problem (either by strong kegals, or a unrinary director) I was impressed (and the though "why didn't I think of this" crossed my mind), and remember back to that student of mine, the things I said, and although her reasons were different (novelty act), have a little more respect for her now. AND made a link on my website for women (and men - a gift idea) everywhere so that they don't have to accidentally stumble on it and think "why have I been torturing myself all these years"http://staff.washington.edu/ljames It is not "American" for women to pee standing, but I challenge you to open you mind a little and do some research. What you will find out is that american women are not the norm. It is not hygenic to sit while peeing. Many women in many other cultures pee standing, and think american women are very perplexing in their need to find a place to sit to take a leak.

Just thought I'd thow in my two cents.... smile.gif" border="0

And, Yes, you can write your name in the snow...

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Dwayner – My dear friend you have made a very common error. It is not “meat gaze” but “meet gays” You have inverted the double entendre. I mention this only to set the record straight.

Serious Big Wall Beta - A female friend of mine who has soled several grade VIs did note that urinary tract infection is a much greater threat to women than men. Once she admitted that she bailed from a solo adventure due to such an infection and let all the guys think she just psyched out because she was too embarrassed to admit the real reason.

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Several years ago when I was a young buck, at a truck stop in Deerlodge MT, I was peeing into a urnal and this older (60's) dude shuffles up next to me and starts going. Out of the corner of my eye, I can see him glancing over at my lower anatomy and smiling away. Then he starts chuckling. I finish up and take aim on where to deliver the knuckle sandwich when he says - "those are some pretty fancy shoes" I look down and realize he was checking out my purple and yellow running shoes. That worked for me so I walked out of there thinking the mens room is entirely inappropriate for looking at other guys shoes.


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Mr. Puget...he says:"Dwayner – My dear friend you have made a very common error. It is not “meat gaze” but “meet gays” You have inverted the double entendre. I mention this only to set the record straight."

I stand corrected (or that's what the rabbi told me.) I'll defer to your expertise on this subject.

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Actually the appropriate response would be to look over at the next guy's dick and bust out laughing and then if you think conversation is necessary, say, "So how come you aren't in the other restroom?"

Now if the guy is hung like a horse that won't work and things could definitely go down hill from there. But those are the chances you have to take in life. You know - will the guy have a pencil dick you can make fun of, or will he look like Secretariat in serach of a mare?

The best bet is to act slightly enebriated and go into the women's restroom. You can start a lot of conversations there!!! Works for me!!!

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