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  1. I've been humbled

    anna- take up golf
  2. N Pickets/Fury NE Face

    ahhh... the three essentials; whiskey, bud, and cigs. They'll always make you feel better during a cascade monsoon(or even a cascade bushwhack).
  3. squamish this weekend

    The ultimate everything is a fun line up the chief. never super hard, never exposed... just a fun line. Good training for long routes in Yosemite... reminds me a little of the royal arches. Check out seal cove too, some cool shit. a fun traverse for sure.
  4. Viennese N.Face Beta?

    The North wall looks wonderful from the traverse above... did it last week ... Excellent rock!
  5. Is there Hope?

    what is the story with chiliwack? It's oh so close to home.
  6. Mt Olympus in a day

    It would be an epic marathon... Don't forget to go swimming in the lake at the beginning of the uphill before glacier meadows. You would really be missing out on something refreshing.
  7. New Crack

    Trask- you're making me shoot milk out my nose!
  8. Need help with research project: gear manufacturers

    Kona Bikes with Marzocchi forks
  9. Mt. Shuksan/Suffer Mountain

    I soloed the sulphide on Monday with perfect conditions! I got to the summit pyramid right as the sun was hitting it, but the central gulley was still frozen solid. FUN 180' of 5th class ice to the top. Rapped off the pyramid to the slushy east. Then I rode my splitboard down for a kick ass day. 11 hours car to car at a moderate pace. Hardly a soul in sight... just me and the ravens
  10. Darrington this weekend???

    Yup! Hot on the Kone on Wed. Juan was that you who left the blue metolius cam? Got it out for you... hope you found it. I tore out old rap slings... and added new... took out lots of garbage slings. The Kone kicks ass.
  11. I'd like to snowboard down the Sulphide... I plan on going solo, but a fast partner would be great! I'll be skinning up on my split board, so you should be on skis
  12. Ashlu Beta

    Coley...You can climb it with 3 pitons... and no rope. You'll need 4oz. of water and 17 goo packets. you can also duct tape your crampons to your 5.tennies like Renando the amazing.
  13. Ushba Basic Ascender

    It's a great piece for simul-climbing also. Just place after the crux (not lengthened on a sling) to protect the follower. Viola... if they fall they don't pull your ass down too.
  14. Calf Raises

    Long traverses on a snowboard will make your calves like Popeye's!
  15. yosemite in september

    Cracks will be climbed in early October. I Will haul your shit up that big El Cap stone... just need a mentor. More ridge routes in Tuolumne to fall. You say Horsecock? I say Cockscomb.