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  1. I have a bunch of stuff for sale here. All this stuff is NWT or new with no tags but new none the less. Give those old bd crampons or Charlet Quasars a few more seasons before you have to say goodbye . Should you want any of this stuff email me at Ted"at"utemountaineer"dot"com or call 970-925-2849 and ask for Ted. The List 2 bd express screws, 10cm - $24 Each 3 Charlet Quasar Adzes, - $19.25 Each 3 bd lockdown leashes in the package - $10 Each Grivel Rambo front points set (4) SOLD Wild Country Ropeman MKII - $19.50 , includes hardwear and bails, no spur - $39 BD Anti-Bot plate for Makos, orange rubber - $20 BD Lacerator Kit - $22 Grivel Anti-bot plate for Rambos - SOLD BD ABS plate for Bionics - $11 BD Spectra Daisy 48" - $10 5 BD Zodiac gear slings (3 S/M and 2 M/L) - $16.50 Each 3 BD Padded Gear Slings, Blue - $10 Each Grivel Candle Ice Device for cutting tat and threading Abalakovs, stores inside screw - $10 NEW (still has stickers on it!!!) BD Black Prophet, bent shaft, Adz - Make offer via Email BD spare Adz and Hammer head for Black prophet and CF Black Prophet, brand new!!!! - Make Offer!!!!!!! Jump on it kids. Shipping will be as cheap as possible, buy more and save on shipping. again, email me at ted"at"utemountaineer"dot"com or call 970-925-2849 and ask for Ted. You can pay with credit cards. As/if this stuff sells I'll update the list with "solds" hopefully.
  2. white river entrance info center

    keith, we just signed up when we got there each time. BTW I leave tomorrow for aspen, got a bed if you want to come up for indy pass
  3. Collest PNW town.............

    So I'm lloking to move from the flat lands after school and was wondering what the coolest PNW town/city is. Or at least what you guys/girls think. Keep in mid cost of living, avaliable housing, etc. BTW I've been a lurker for about a year so hello everyone
  4. Sportiva Kaukulators

    have a pair of kaulkulators for sale. Size 41.5. To small for me now. I can send you a picture of them if you want to see them. They are the brown ones with yellow laces. I'd say they are 80% new. Rand is peeling a bit on one shoe, nothing a little shoe goo can't fix. Orginal rubber. Make me a fair offer you can PM me email me at Climberted1082<at>yahoo<dot>com
  5. Sleeping bag question

    The SD powernap is about the lightest I have seen. 30F - 1lb 15oz - 24oz of fill. No zipper and has a nice hood design that is big enough to where an insulated hood from a parka inside it. http://www.sierradesigns.com/cgi-bin/driver.pl?index=113&conf=bag_show_03 when you compair it to the "hey fuck face" flight at 35F - 2lb 3oz - 15oz of fill and Standard Andromeda Strain from I.D. at 1lb 12oz and 40F, it starts to look like a n deal. I have the down version (moonlite) and can fit it into an XS silnylon stuff sac from GoLite, phuckin small.
  6. I have an Arc'Teryx Fission SV that I need to get rid of. SInce no one wanted the Alpha Comp I'll sell the Fission. Its Primaloft insulation and Gore Pac-Lite, taped Shell. Oversized to fit your big ass or fit over you shell stuff. Size is mens medium and color is shadow (dark navyish blueish). It looks like the one in the picture link to PMS but mine only has hand warmer pockets lower down the front of the jacket. Has only be used one time and I have a marmot belay parka so this ones going. At PMS they are $499 you can have mine for $250 doll hairs shipped to your door/parking lot where you van is at that price. I can have it to you by thursday if need be, let me know by tuesday though. Come on, buy my shit Climberted1082 "at" yahoo.com
  7. Testpieces for a Grade

    Isn't the Enduro Corner on Astroman a rough .11 layback with few rests?
  8. Arc'teryx Alpha Comp

    I have an Alpha Comp I need to sell. It is soft shell and gore in the sleeves and shoulders. Size is a mens medium and color is Tequila, which is kinda' yellow-ish. $175 shipped to your door or parking lot where you van is, retail was $290. Brand new, no funky smells, I don't smoke or have pets, no stains, looks new, smells new (new jacket smell is the best huh?) PM me or email at Climberted1082@yahoo.com
  9. What's up with A5?

    Who knows, I haven't called them but I wouldn't hold my breath. I saw the new wall hammer and ledge/fly at the OR show in SLC, in "The Face" booth. The new fly looks good but the one they had was only a proto-type no seam tape on it, basically a non working model. From what I could tell it looked like the Cabana with some improvements. I have all the information here somewhere about weights and deminsions and stuff on the ledges and hammer.
  10. What's up with A5?

    Conrad bought it and runs it from "booze-man". check out the website http://www.ankerclimbingequipment.com
  11. Black Diamond Viper

    I talked to the BD rep last month and he told me that the viper is a better "hooking" tool, as the aluminum shaft is stiffer than the carbon. The Cobra is a better "pure swinging" tool, better balance and penetration in thin/shitty ice, less shattering and such. They have a new screw called the Turbo coming out also
  12. I'm going...............

    To SLC in augest to go to the OR show. I'm taking my cam and was wondering what you guys would like to see?
  13. BASE on Baffin Island

    There is this thing called tone and if you use it incorrectly it tends to piss people off, dickhead. thanx for the links
  14. BASE on Baffin Island

    Dru, Where can I find the CAJ, Desnivel, Mountain Info, stuff. I have the AAJ and want some more info on some projects I looking at. Thanx
  15. Yellow Aliens

    I have yellow aliens in my nose
  16. info on routes in the Ruth, Little Switzerland, and Middle Triple? Besides the AAj and the Google.com searches.
  17. Chamonix

    This guy named Tuan (sp?) has climbed there a lot and has got a wicked amount of info on his website. Compleate with route suggestions, were to stay, were NOT to stay, and such. Follow the link sucka http://www.ai.sri.com/~luong/mountain/chamonix/ BTW, I think I have some pics of Grand Jorasses floating around on my harddrive with route over lays, should you want to see them
  18. Arc'teryx...Enjoy them while you still can.

    People have been trying to by the Bird for 2.5 years now. Companies only wanted to buy the clothing part and not the hardwear. They sold to salomon b/c they: 1.bought the whole thing (packs, outerwear, and harnesses) and 2. they agreed to leave the company to it's own devices. They are still going to be running them selves. Salomon is owned by Adidas, and they let salomon runthemselves also. All in all Arcteryx should be making the same stuff for a long time they same way they have been in the past. In fact, the new fall 2002 and spring 2003 stuff is the shit.
  19. GoLite Speed Adventure Racing Pack

    I have an Arc'teryx bora 40 and have always removed the frame and folded my ultra-lite 3/4 thermarest inhalf and the legnth wise so that it measures 23x10. This happens to be the exact measurement for the pocket the framesheet goes into. Also I shove the tent poles in the middle of the therma-rest making a kinda 'ghetto' frame. I can carry so heaver loads comfortably with that set up.
  20. I pulled a boneheaded move on my last ice trip and didn't let my screws dry out properly .Now they have a little rust on them. Whats the best way to get rid of it?

    I have a pair of larges. let me know Climberted@aol.com
  22. Metolius Easy Aiders/Daisies

    I have used them and the dasies are more helpful than then aiders. You only need one hand to do work with it and you can do it very quick. I'm with freeclimb though, you learn where/what steps=what loop on the chain. But the metolius things chains are faster. if you haven't already, Metolius has a website with a long movie in it showing some shick useing them. http://www.metoliusclimbing.com/aidervideo.htm
  23. Pitons

    I still dont know why they stopped making the fins and slung heaxes. Fins were the shit man, wana sell some?
  24. FS: Marmot single wall tent (new) $200

    try over on outdoorreview.com.
  25. Nagging Question

    I was in a bar and this trunk dude went in and procedes to drop it like he was standing over heroshima. A few min. later we here "korn? When did I eat Korn?"