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Labeled illustration of North Cascades


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Are any posters still around?


There might be a few left at Pro Mountain Sports in Seattle or Edgeworks Climbing Gym in Tacoma. We only printed 200 though.


The only other way to get one is to contact me (Steph), as I am the only one with the full-res JPEG file...

My email: sabegg@gmail.com

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I don't know if they have any left, but Edgeworks has been very conscientious about sending checks to the Washington Climbers Coalition after making sales of these posters and they have raised a significant sum of $ for the Index Fund.


By the way: I hope you are doing well, Steph.

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I just picked up the posters that Portland Rock Gym did not sell so Edgeworks still has some....


Here's the info on where to get posters:


Washington Climbers Coalition - Index Lower Town Wall Fundraiser

North Cascades Illustrated Poster/Art

$25 Each



Edgeworks Climbing

--253-564-4899 - Has plenty

--Can be ordered over the phone and mailed within the NW for $8


These make for great Christmas gifts for others (and for yourself)!


In all, once all posters are sold, $4300 will be raised for the Washington Climbers Coalition and the Index Lower Town Wall. Just think, your giving money to a great cause AND getting a cool poster out of it.





Tod Bloxham

Edgeworks Climbing

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