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Labeled illustration of North Cascades


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I wasn't able to be at Fred's show but still want to buy some of these posters... what's the plan?


I know that there will be some posters being sold at the Sausage Fest in Seattle this Sunday (http://cascadeclimbers.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/920847/Re_CC_com_SausageFest_09_Slide).


Also, there will be posters being sold at Edgeworks Climbing Gym and Pro Mtn Sports after this time.


We decided to do a limited 200 poster printing, so the posters might go quite quickly! If they really fly out the window and there is continued interest in the fundraising aspect of it, we might do a second printing. But if not, they will probably be available starting sometime in 2010 in NCNP Visitor centers.


Porter has more details on where the posters will be distributed, as I have probably missed some.



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Hi poster fans!


It's been only a few days since we printed the posters, and already we've sold nearly a third of the 200 that we printed (ALL PROFITS GOING TO INDEX FUNDRAISER). I just wanted to let everyone who responded to this post know that there are a limited number of posters out there so get them while you can.


There will be a few distribution sites for the posters (Edgeworks climbing gym, Pro Mtn Sports), but if anyone has a suggestion of another distribution site, feel free to post on this thread.


I think that Edgeworks climbing gym is willing to ship the posters to those who can't pick them up, for an additional fee of course.


Again, this is a WCC fundraiser for the Index Town Wall, with ALL PROFITS going to WCC. This is a good way to show your support for a great climbing cause!




See flyers below



link to larger image



link to larger image

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Here's the latest info on where to get posters:


Washington Climbers Coalition - Index Lower Town Wall Fundraiser

North Cascades Illustrated Poster/Art

$25 Each



Pro Mountain Sports

--206-522-1627 - Will be getting 10+ this Saturday

Vertical World

--Seattle - 206-283-4497 - Received 30 today at main office, in gyms soon

--Redmond - 425-881-8826

--Bremerton?/Everett? - Maybe will get some too?



Edgeworks Climbing

--253-564-4899 - Has plenty

--Can be ordered over the phone and mailed within the NW for $8



Portland Rock Gym

--503-232-8310 - Has 10

Climb Max

--503.797.1991 - Has 4


These make for great Christmas gifts for others (and for yourself)!


In all, once all posters are sold, $4300 will be raised for the Washington Climbers Coalition and the Index Lower Town Wall. Just think, your giving money to a great cause AND getting a cool poster out of it.




Tod Bloxham

Edgeworks Climbing



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