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  1. Howdy! Its time to cull some more trad gear in preparation for some more fly fishing stuff. For sale is a pretty darn nice trad rack and extras, like a haul bag, belay seat and Rock exotica tools. All the hardware is in excellent shape and has been stored in the cool and dark, stable temp room. As usual any webbing/slings must be inspected and replaced if it looks dubious or is pretty old. Asking $650.00 firm for everything. No parting out, no trades, no shipping. Local, face to face, cash. I am in Tacoma BD and Wild Country cams.Triple sets, thin hands to wide hands.Only one #4 TCUs: Metolius, BD, Wild Country, and Alien, great shape, no damage. Stoppers and tiny wireds Many brands, the right clump of tiny ones were used for aid. Many biners in a plethora of styles. Lowe/Byrne ball nuts, double on all three sizes Rock Exotica: Wall Hauler Soloist Small ascender Weird stuff and belay devices... Leeper "Friend of a friend" tool A set of Tri Cams with doubles on the small sizes. Metolius Half Dome Haul Bag and Pika rigid belay seat.
  2. If you have a linky please post it, I desperately need to find it
  3. Thanks Toast! Bookmarked it! Cheers!
  4. Howdy, Selling off a couple of old bit in storage. Both are unused (climbing) condition, however the haul bag has been used as a car luggage holder and lastly, a place to store my fly rods in tubes. The Pika belay seat is in perf condition, just dusty and about 10 years old, give or take a year or five. Asking $100.00 for the pair, firm and local (Tacoma) only. Shipping not preferred, but... Please feel free to as Q's.
  5. RCNW.net

    Offline? No longer around? I get a generic web page unrelated to climbing when I go there. I hope its just down as I loved the obscure crag resource.
  6. Going over some more items I decided to add to what I had for sale. I am offering up a bunch of older and newer cams (Used but in very solid shape, non of these have taken big falls and those that have, were small and non destructive.) The "small" rack includes: 20 mixed RP,HB,and some BD brass, alum, and SS wireds 2 old tech friends roughly #.5 and #1 Metolius TCU #0, #3, #4 Metolius FCU #3 Older Camalots #1-#4 with the #2 being a first gen in great shape. Wild Country Rigid Friend #2.5 $300.00 for the set above, pictured below. The big Rack is: Two #5 Camalots One #4.5 Camalot Two Trango (Mountain Hardware) Big Bros in #2 and a #4 I would like to sell this rack FOR $300.00 Buy the whole kit together for $475.00 No other splitting will be considered, semi firm on prices, but try me. Local sales Tacoma and vicinity, Cash or Paypal, Face to Face preferred.
  7. Got the PM, replied! Thanks! Dave SPF on the Big pro.
  8. Buying hand drill... any advice?

    Hand drilling brings back some great memories..bang, twist, bang, twist...puff, puff, bang, twist... Much more satisfying and karmically correct than a power drill, though I have used both. Just sold my Hurricane, loved it, a sexy piece of debauchery it was. I still have my pika drill buried some place. I can look for it if yer desperate. Nothing more satisfying than a fresh drilled line.
  9. Mountain plane crashes in Google Maps

    Mt Charleston crash, pretty surreal up close. http://nvahof.org/_original_site/c54_crash.html
  10. Re-bolting campaign on Indiegogo

    Could really just chop it and use the money for something more ethical? Starving kids, ravaged watersheds, native fish, innercity donations to help illiteracy programs or poverty,or Animal rescue. Redamaging a fragile ecosystem is, for me the furthest need from my mind.
  11. Google Street view El Cap

    Super intuitive but cool non the less.
  12. Logging at Index Lower Town Wall

    I think JBC is spot on.
  13. SOLD

  14. Logging at Index Lower Town Wall

    This sums it up perfectly. We waste an immense amount of resources just living. I want people to climb and have fun but make sure to mitigate as much damage and waste as you can to allow for the next (if there is) generation. You really are a brilliant one. This really is an entertaining thread. Thanks for helping demystify climbing in the new millenium
  15. Logging at Index Lower Town Wall

    Have you always had this problem CB? All we want to do is climb and "respect the resource"...apparently that term is unfamiliar with you.
  16. Sadly, this year has been cruel for many in the climbing community. Natural diasters, untimely accidents, and old age have taken some memorable folks. The rest of us remain here awaiting our cue and doing what we can to pass the time and keep a smile on our faces. I admit my timing was a bit off and for that I do apologize. However, this does open up some interesting oportunities to re-evaluate ourselves and our views of the world around us. I have not posted on this board very often in recent years as climbing has taken a backseat to other pursuits. I remember in the 80s and 90s when I was 100% climbing obsessed and I thought I would ALWAYS be part of the community. Time marches on. In these days of dwindling resources and increasing population, climbing has become "popular" and crowds at the crags have multiplied massively. Groups such as Access Fund and a few local groups around the country work with land managers to find a balance that will allow us to keep on climbing. Their message is to be respectful and law abiding to each other and the non climbing community in order to keep the crags open and the ecosystems that surround them, protected. Well traveled and/or "famous" climbers have the responsibility to set examples for the up and coming generation and to the non climbing public. Climb hard, crank the rad, be Extreme is the mantra for all the teens entering the climbing world today, numbers are king, 5.15, V15...etc. Our resources are limited and looking at the impact of folks today from the "Pad people" to the mega sport bolters, illegal ascents, and chopping trees for a better view have become much more common and even accepted. We have to find a balance. This is my viewpoint, I respect anyone that makes the conscious choice to do the right thing. You can be a bad ass, and a poster child for the crags and the environment, many climbers follow this route and live under the radar doing the right thing where ever they go. Thanks for your time and lets work together to keep our community respected and respectful. Dave
  17. Logging at Index Lower Town Wall

    You are one toxic dude, a sad representative of todays climbing/world community.
  18. Logging at Index Lower Town Wall

    I tried...you did not seem to understand.
  19. Logging at Index Lower Town Wall

    I think you are mistaking an opinion in general, with a comment made about climbing style on particular route.
  20. Logging at Index Lower Town Wall

    What amazes me is that you equate climbing ability with the ability to voice your opinion or have a say on a matter. In this case then...only people with wealth have a say, only famous people have a say, and finally only corruption is allowed to speak? Sorry state of affairs if this is how you perceive this topic and other people.