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  1. JBC

    faggoty book read'n

    Good for you! I never was able to get all the way through it. Probably because it is a genre I truly detest. (The idiot who never learns from their mistakes continues to bumble through life.) Never had the patience for it.
  2. Close, the quote most likely comes from David Hannum who said of P.T. Barnum and his customers "There's a sucker born every minute"
  3. Closed - they posted on their Facebook page in December: the cobbler shop is closed. Please don't send shoes.
  4. Goodbye's too good a word, ... So I'll just say fare thee well - with apologies to Bob Dylan
  5. Your best bet i to follow the directions for tying in that came with your harness.
  6. I think that wreckage is from the 1968 Air force T-33 trainer crash.
  7. i am sure, you are a genius. I am not a genius at all. Even a person of average intelligence should be able to understand Raindawgs statement. Once again, either you chose to ignore his clear statement in order to foster your own argument or you are an idiot.
  8. Not looking real good for August this year. Things appear to be about a month advanced at this point. The guide services have already put in at three ladders on the DC route and things are melting out fast. The Emmons/Winthrop looks to be holding up better at this point, but I expect it will be very icy up top by August. I would say get on Rainer now, or if you have to schedule your climb for August make other plans.
  9. No glassgowkiss, the pile of shit statement is yours! Raindawg is standing by his original statement which was quite concise, clear and unambiguous. One that you twisted nearly out of recognition and continue to do so. There was no implication on his part, but rather an erroneous inference on your part. Perhaps it was an honest mistake, you red into the statement something that was not there, or maybe you just are not very bright and don't really understand this clear statement. I rather suspect that it is really that the statement as is didn't suit your purposes so you twisted it until it did. Funny you accusing Raindawg of not sticking by his statement. Fact is, he has taken a stance that is largely unpopular here and stuck by it for years. If anyone can be said to be standing by his original statement it is Raindawg. In contrast the majority of your posts here are utter and complete drivel, but I have to say the twist you have imparted on this thread take the cake, even for you.
  10. Really glassgowkiss? You might want to read a bit more carefully before calling people out. Raindawg never made any claims about free climbing related Numbah10:
  11. Climber's left of Lib Ridge would be Thermogenesis - FA was in the late 70s or early 80s. It is an avalanche chute and often swept by icefall from the ice cliffs at the top of the Willis Wall. The left side of Liberty Ridge does not appear to have been ascended but is more of a variation nad probably fairly avy prone as well. To climber's right is Liberty wall with what are two of probably the most dangerous routes on Rainier. As others have said, not a lot of scope for new routes, more like variations, and a number of those in very hazardous positions.
  12. I have a few boots for sale. First firm commitment followed by prompt payment gets the boots. Prices include SCARPA Charmoz Pro GTX GoreTex Mountaineering Boots size 43 1/2 (about a 9.5 US) $125.00 including CONUS shipping Boots are in good shape, with moderate use. Waterproof, clean with lots of sole left. There is one small tear in the outer fabric that has been patched with shoe goo (see photos) Lowa Tempest Lo boots size 42 (US 9) In very good shape. Clean and lots of sole left. lots of life left in these. $35.00 with CONUS shipping included.
  13. For moderate trade routes in the Leavenworth area they really are not needed. You could find placements for them, but in general there are plenty of placements for regular cams. To put it in perspective, the vast majority of those route were led for years with just stoppers and hexes before cams became ubiquitous.
  14. Never did like icing myself. Usually pull it off the cake and give it to my wife.
  15. Promises, promises, we should be so lucky. But, since it appears that you have decided to stay and spray in any case maybe you can answer something for me? You continually defend WA State Parks closure as being based on scientific principals regarding the nesting habits of the falcons on the one hand, yet on the other you blame some climber's here for delaying the opening via their actions? Which is it Joe, you can't have it both ways. Is the closure to protect the Peregrines, or is it to punish alleged climber misconduct?
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