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Labeled illustration of North Cascades


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interest in making some posters to distribute

how many have to be interested before its decided to make them in numbers? more importantly, what's it gonna cost? how would you go about distribution? how large u thinkin on blowin it up? all these questions... so to bogg ya down with them right before school starts...

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probably a run of 100

cost will be determined after printing costs are determined

distribution= pick up or buy pays shipping

probably 16X20, since that is what people seem interested in


It might look good as a 18x24, too, which is another standard size....


Larger would be more preferable - for me - since this is a discussion to determine interest... that's my 2 cents :wazup:

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Okay, here's the deal on the poster. CC.com has decided to take advantage of this opportunity to raise some money for the Washington Climber's Coalition to buy the Lower Town Wall at Index, which has been threatened with closure. It'd be such a shame for some of the best climbing in WA (Godzilla, City Park, Thin Fingers,.....) to be quarried in the future, and who better to forever preserve the wall than us climbers! Selling this poster is a good way to support the cause and show we care about protecting the climbing areas in our state. Every little bit helps.


For details on the plight of the Lower Town Wall, see the WCC website:




We are in the process of setting up a PayPal account where people can prepay for the poster. The price will be by donation, with proceeds going to WCC. Only a small cut of the proceeds will be taken to cover the creation of the poster, so a bulk of the proceeds will go to WCC, which I hope will encourage climbers to donate whatever they please to this fundraiser. Every little bit helps.



Jim Nelson at Pro Mountain Sports in Seattle has offered his shop to be the pick-up place for people in the Seattle-based area. For those who do not live near Seattle, we will offer shipping for an additional cost. It would be quite the job to ship to everyone, so hopefully those who live in Seattle will take advantage of the free pick up at his shop.



Porter will probably post more details soon, but start getting the word out of this fundraiser if you can. Thanks.






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Thanks everyone for the interest! Steph and I will have a page for you to order, probably as early as next week. Keep on checking this thread, as we'll link to that page when its ready. There will also be an advert to the left.


This will be a limited run, so if you know anyone who might want one be sure to let them know!

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We are still looking for printing services for this. If anyone knows an offset printer that might be willing to cut us a deal (this is an Index LTW charity fund raiser), let me know via PM. If we can do offset, what yall will order will be a higher quality product (like you might want to frame it). Otherwise we may go with a cheaper printing option to keep the cost down. I'd rather do offset!



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