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  1. Erie or Index, Jan 12 or 13

    Looks warm enough to get in a few pitches on the rock this weekend, and I'm looking for a partner for Erie or Index...... Email or text. sabegg@gmail.com 360-710-4152
  2. Skaha June 2-3

  3. I am looking for a partner for Vantage this weekend. Email or text if interested. 360-710-4152 sabegg@gmail.com
  4. Partner Needed: 28 and/or 29 October 2017

    Dave, If you cannot find someone for alpine, I would love to climb Sunday at Index. Would love to do alpine but don't think I can squeeze it in this weekend. 360-710-4152 -Steph
  5. Hi. Looking for partner for 9/12 and/or 9/13. Some ideas: (1) Der Sportsman (if not too smoky) (2) Chehalis area, if I can add Monday to the picture (which I can if I just end up cragging Sunday rather than something alpine). (3) CBR (Let it Burn, WF, ...) (4) WA Pass (Thin Red Line, Hitchhiker, ...) (5) Squamish Email or text. sabegg@gmail.com 360-710-4152 -Steph
  6. Looking for a partner for a long day (car-to-car) on Thursday, Aug 17. Really want to do Salish Peak Flight of Falcon. Or Dragons of Eden on Dragontail. Must move fast and efficiently, climb 5.10, and like long days in the mountains.... Email or Text sabegg@gmail.com 360-710-4152 -Steph
  7. I am looking for partners for September, for some climbing. I have a couple of destinations in particular I would be psyched to find partners for. For these trips, must be strong and move efficiently over lots of terrain, and have experience with alpine climbing. Pasayten, WA: Climbing two routes on Amphitheater: Pilgrimage to Mecca (500' 5.9) on Ka'aba Buttress and Left Side Route (500', 5.10c) on Middle Finger Buttress. And maybe also a route on The Deacon (Sentinel Direct, 1000', 10c). Thinking 4 day trip (2 days hiking, 2 days climbing). The 20 mile hike is a bit of a grind but it is all on good trail. The climbing is amazing and off the beaten path. Chehalis, BC: Want to climb Tuning Fork (5.9, 15p) on Bardean or Derektissima (5.10a, 18p) on Viennese. These are big committing routes. I know the approach for both since I have been in the Chehalis already. Routes involve bivying at base and climbing in big day camp to camp. Because of this, either one of these climbs is a 2-3 day affair. Would be willing to consider other climbs in the area as well, but these are the ones I have identified as the ones that interest me most at the time. UPDATE: I have found some partners and lined up a couple of trips for Sept. I still have the following dates available for other climbs (big day car to car style is ideal) in WA. Stuff like CBR, Salish Peak Flight of Falcon, ... Aug 16 (for sure) Aug 14-17 (might have longer window for something more back in, TBD) -Steph Abegg www.StephAbegg.com 360-710-4152 sabegg@gmail.com
  8. Index Sunday May 7

    I am looking for a partner for a full day of climbing at Index on Sunday (May 7). Email: sabegg@gmail.com Message: 360-710-4152 Update: Partner found, thanks! -Steph
  9. I am looking for a partner for Sunday at Index, Leavenworth, or Vantage. Index would be preferable based on quality and proximity, and actually looks like a nice forecast for once. Anyone interested? Email or text: sabegg@gmail.com 360-710-4152 -Steph
  10. Index Sunday Sept 25

    I am looking for a partner for some climbing at Index on Sunday, Sept 25. A good day of cragging in the sun sounds awesome to me, no specific agenda. I have rope, rack, experience..... -Steph ABegg 360-710-4152 sabegg@gmail.com
  11. Trip: Les Cornes - Steinbok Arete (5.11a, 1600', ~13p) Date: 8/18/2016 Trip Report: Seems its been a few years since someone posted a trip report for Springbok Arete on Les Cornes. The logging road has gotten perhaps a bit rougher and the approach a bit brushier, but the climb is still as great as ever! Duncan Ralph and I climbed Springbok Arete yesterday, car to car. It was a full value day and worth the effort on the approach. Here's a link to my full trip report: www.stephabegg.com/home/tripreports/britishcolumbia/springbok Some photos: Photo overlay, direct start Splitter 5.10 fist crack on Pitch 3 (direct start) Looking up at the 5.10+ splitters on Pitch 8: Duncan on the wild 5.8 traverse of Pitch 9: Such solid rock for alpine rock. Upper corner (5.10) on Pitch 10: Go right here...road is hard to see but that is a road on the right....(see my trip report for more photos and beta for the approach)
  12. Trip: Nesakwatch Spires - S Nesk (Dairyland), N Nesk (SW Butt), Rexford (WR) Date: 8/13/2016 Trip Report: Will Surber and I just got back from a 3 day trip to the Nesakwatch/Rexford area just east of Chilliwack and Mt. Slesse. One of Canada's best kept secrets....amazing high camp and climbing right outside your tent door. For trip report: http://www.stephabegg.com/home/tripreports/britishcolumbia/nesakwatch Some photos: The routes we did: Dairyland on South Nesakwatch Pitch 1 of Dairyland Pitch 5 of Dairyland On Southwest Ridge of North Nesakwatch
  13. Webbing looked good everywhere we rapped, no big webbing nests as I recall. It is such a nice area!
  14. Slesse Access FYI

    Unfortunately, looks like it might be a long while.... Photo taken 3 days ago (Aug 12):
  15. Hi, I am looking for a partner for a nice long car-to-car (or hike in evening before) on Tuesday (Aug 9). Some options: Gato Negro, Whine Spire Rampage+Action Potential (Paisano+Burgundy) Fire on the Mountain, Sloan Peak Flight of the Falcon, Salish Peak Squamish area: Mt. Habrich Life on Earth or Wonderul thing About Tiggers on Fluffy Kitten Wall. Nesakwatch Spires (BC): Dairyland or something else (ideally with someone who knows tha approach already) Open to other ideas too! -Steph 360-710-4152 sabegg@gmail.com
  16. I am looking for a partner interested in climbing in the Nesakwatch Spires area. This is an area of peaks near Slesse. I've never been up there but the rock is apparently quite good. Sort of like Prusik Peak South Face quality. I am thinking 2 nights and 2 days of climbing: Day 1 - meet up, drive in, hike up, establish camp Day 2 - climb Day 3 - climb, hike out, drive home late I could do another day too but 3 days is fine too. Some climbs I am interested in: Dairyland (10d), Bugaboo Crack (11a), SW Ridge (5.9, N Ridge (5.6). I've got years of alpine trad multipitch experience, and looking for someone who also has experience climbing alpine trad multipitch routes, and comfortable with the grade of the climbing. Email: sabegg@gmail.com Text: 360-710-4152 Thanks, -Steph
  17. Approach map. [img:left]http://images.summitpost.org/large/977191.jpg[/img]
  18. Trip: Mt. Stuart - Direct North Ridge Date: 6/25/2016 Trip Report: Jon Pobst and I climbed the Direct North Ridge of Stuart on Saturday (June 25). Took us about 6 and a half hours from base to summit. There was some snow on route storms late last week, but that should be pretty well melted by now. There were at least 8 parties on the route. Busy day on Stuart! After climbing Stuart, Jon and I continued along the ridge and climbed Sherpa (via the West Ridge) and then continued on to Sherpa Pass. From the pass it was a super mellow descent down a snow slope to Mountaineers Creek. This might be a good route to consider as a north side descent once the Sherpa Glacier becomes too melted this season. It looks good right now but is melting fairly quickly. I have posted a trip report for the North Ridge on my website: http://www.stephabegg.com/home/tripreports/washington/northcascades/stuart#2016 Some random photos:
  19. [TR] Mt. Stuart - Direct North Ridge 6/25/2016

    Here's a new 2016 guidebook: LINK Yes and it is an AWESOME guidebook! If you are looking for a great selection of rock climbs in the Cascades, you'll want to get ahold of a copy.....
  20. [TR] Mt. Stuart - Direct North Ridge 6/25/2016

    We saw your footprints and summit register entry - yes indeed, must have just missed you!
  21. [TR] Mt. Stuart - Direct North Ridge 6/25/2016

    I'd say if you are passing by and want to tag the summit, the WR of Sherpa is a great little climb. But if your only aim is to climb Sherpa, the longer NR is probably the better choice. Done as a link-up, the WR is a nice addition to a climb of the NR of Stuart.
  22. Here's my trip report for June 2016 (first party up there this season): https://sites.google.com/a/stephabegg.com/website/home/tripreports/washington/northcascades/milehighclub If you are looking for a pretty low commitment day of "alpine cragging," this is a good route to consider. Starting up Pitch 1: Climbing en route:
  23. Here's my trip report from June 2016: www.stephabegg.com/home/tripreports/washington/northcascades/vesper3 June conditions on the north face. Bring ice axe and crampons! The awesome final pitch up the ragged edge.
  24. I am looking for a partner for some cragging on Sunday, either at Index, Leavenworth, or perhaps Darrington. I prefer trad over sport but am mostly just interested in a good day on the rock. Email me: sabegg@gmail.com Update: Partner found, thanks!! Thanks!