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  1. Labeled illustration of North Cascades

    Dude that is absolutely beautiful, I have to buy one of these!
  2. Looking for good people interested in some sport climbing/top roping around exit 32 or exit 38 east of Seattle. Located around North Bend. Not much time left before the rainy season starts (raining today), but looking for anyone interested in getting out 1-2x a week. Please PM me if interested.
  3. Climber found after 21 years

    Sometimes even the strongest outdoors people can get caught by the best of nature (for she is mighty and powerful). At least he was able to rest in peace up there the last 21 years. I'd rather be preserved in the side of a mountain than buried in some mahogany box six feet down filled with embalming fluid. I'm sure it was a peaceful way to go.