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Fire Wall near Mazama


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Rudy, don't diss something you haven't even seen. AS far as WWI Wall, which one do you enjoy more: lines of tourists pointing fingers at you, dirty death ledge, ever present moss or greasy holds? No, the routes don't suck, but by far Fire Wall has better quality rock, with better moves in nicer setting.

And instead of insisting on "high quality of climbing" at Index or WWI you should mark your calendar for a weekend and check it out or at least move your ass out of shithole city

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that's kinda the reaction i had...

Rudy, who cares what you think- you are fat and turning old.


fuck you bob...i will still crush you...keep that in mind when you spray...you weren't exactly stellar the last time i saw you...


spray away, gramps!



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It's by far the best crag in Washington.


until the whole damn thing crashes down on the unlucky fucker who happens to be there.


the best crag in wa is a secret, and only 1.5 hours from seattle.


"was" a secret...


Speaking of which: Were is this Equinox Wall everyone's been spraying about? Close to Mt. Vernon? Help a brother out.

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