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  1. bump - shoulders suck. Any more recommendations out there for a shoulder orthopedics Dr that is in tune with climber's needs in the Seattle area?
  2. I was not up there on Sunday - were there sunbreaks? The forecast mentions increased danger do to sun exposure on the south facing slopes.
  3. I don't disagree that 'untypical' conditions can get you and I think we should all be prepared for them, but plenty (most?) of avalanche accidents here have happened in classic cascade conditions. I personally think those 'typical' conditions are what bc travelers should have down pat as that is what we are normally out in. no love for the locale snow... tsk tsk...where else is 4" bottomless?
  4. Yes, the principles learned in an avy course should apply everywhere, but I know the class I took emphasized conditions that are typical to the pnw. So overall, I think there could be real value in taking the same class in different regions. While we do have all kinds of conditions in the pnw that any bc traveler should be aware and ready for, we do have typical conditions that are different than typical conditions in other locales.
  5. you aren't alone thinking it is climbing related. linky
  6. JosephH, you crack me up; I did not know BASE jumping was so safe relative to rope swings. What is the point of your link? You selling Petzl gear? Side question, have you ever climbed above a small microstopper? To the OP, the production of the video is certainly strange; I definitely felt like I was supposed to buy something. Like was said earlier in the thread, this must be a self-promotion/portfolio project... edit to say - i see the link is put in there CC.com - oops - disregard.
  7. well that is interesting that you say that because it is documented that people with "nordic" descent have an increased risk of getting it. edit to add link Nordic Link
  8. I have something similar to you M. It had gotten very painful after mountain biking at whistler so I saw a orthopedic surgeon. He instantly recognized it as early/mild dupuytren's contracture. What I had thought was my pinky tendon turned out to be part of the syndrome. I don't think you are supposed to be able to feel your tendon or sheath through your hand. In more severe cases that false 'tendon sheath' can grow and bridge to the fingers causing the contracture.
  9. Dupuytrens is common with climbers and there is some evidence that climbing causes or exacerbates the condition. A classic symptom is a node at the base of the ring or pinky finger. If you google dupuytren and climbing you will get a bunch of hits.
  10. Awesome! Can't wait to check it out. Are you planning an android version? I don't do the apple stuff...
  11. Definitely a good climb and a good list. You got to have at least one sandbag in any tick list I suppose
  12. haha - you would put someone on Zoom who was "breaking into 10s"?!
  13. i might have the time and inclination to answer your question, but not right now. i said i'm sorry. plus, i think you broke my hand. but seriously, yes i was in favor of removing some bolts at index, on crack climbs, placed in the last 10 to 15 years. i posted both here and rcnw, and really lost my interest in doing so after hearing the divided opinion. yes i actually did take in what people said, and realized it would be a divisive act over a few pounds of metal that really rarely bother me, and only if i get on my high-horse! you ok btw? You actually listened to other's viewpoint and then changed your behavior based on that new information!? That is almost unpatriotic. I didn't really hurt your hand did I? I iced last night and feel quite a bit better today - should be okay.
  14. man, i just had a really hard time reading that self-justificatory piece of misleading drivel. it further saddens me that those two, with their stated reasons, took it upon themselves to do this deed. i guess it comes down to the fact that really no one would be able to justify such an act in eloquent terms. Why do you think their statement it is misleading? I thought you were all for removing bolts on climbs where bolts are deemed unnecessary.
  15. The Gorge at Smith has a lot of cracks that you can top rope as well as many well-protected trad climbs.
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