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World record breasts!


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B4 -with @ 2 quarts of silicon in EACH breast!








"One woman stopped at nothing to achieve her twin dreams: a 38KKK bust, and a world record......We were already fairly impressed last April, when we heard (via ABC) that one Sheyla Hershey traveled to Houston for a boob job. And not just any boob job: An enhancement bound for the record books. Because after eight surgeries and a full gallon of silicone, the petite model/actress was a staggering 34 FFF. Still, Hershey wanted more! And she was determined to get it. When her boyfriend begged her to stop, she broke up with him (note to men: You have to support our dreams, no matter how deluded and life-threatening silly they might seem!).


But Hershey was forced to settle with her FFF mosquito bites because "the state of Texas has limits on the amount of silicone that can be injected into breast implants," noted ABC. Reading this, we found ourselves impressed by Texas, because we didn't think it was the kind of state to impose limits on such things, what with the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders and the state priding itself on everything being bigger there and whatnot.


But, as Hershey discovered through diligent research, they have no such restraint in Brazil! And so now, after a ninth surgery, she's the proud owner of both a 38KKK bust (according to Britain's Daily Star) and the world record for largest breasts. We wonder if Guinness has a category for worst back pain."

full link:




Pretty grim the amount of silicon in there, but maybe folks can stop talkin about bolts for more than 15 seconds now:-)


ps, her husbands name is "Derek". As in Derek Hershey, same name as the chap who peeled off the Steck-Salethe in 198_? and died free soloing.

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Yes fat women are disqualified: also, despite the natural erotic attraction we all have towards them, Jerseys, Holstiens and Guernseys are also sadly not considered. :(



from WWW.HotJizzCows.com and WWW.EroticCowFantasies.com







hmmmmm, cows.....



hey Adam, I think I came across your picture on the net, but you're i the back there and I'm not positive: this you in the back..? Looks familiar....


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Since this is Cafe Sensitivioso: all I can say is poor gal!

Seems like one becomes more of an oddity, sideshow, but I suppose if it makes you happy it can't be that bad (I hear Cheryl Crow stumming).

I am only saying........


A friend ended up taking the opposite route due to back pains caused by her previously unaltered breasts.

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These might be fake too,but i've always thought that anything over a mouth full is waisted!

The French have a saying for boobs that anything bigger than a champagne glass is wasted.

But hey, WTF do the Froggies know, anyway? :laf:






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far be it for a climber to dismiss another wierdo for their bizarre hobby :)


Reminds me of a story from many years ago...

Old friends and climbing partners of mine, Pete Rieke (the 1st paraplegic to summit Rainier under his own power) and Ken Cushman, were out climbing ice in the Moses Coulee area one winter way back in the early 90s. They came across a couple of hunters. A pleasant discussion in the bitter cold ensues...


Pete/Ken: Goddamn it's cold! Whadd'ar you guys hunting out here in this shit?

Hunters: Coyotes!

Pete/Ken: Coyotes? Who makes you do that?

Hunters: We gets $5 bounty fer each tail we bring in. Whadd'ar you guys doing out here with all them picks and ropes?

Pete/Ken: We're ice climbing!

Hunters: Ice climbing??? Who makes you do that?

Pete and Ken turn to each other and ask aloud, "Ya know, why do we do this shit anyway?" :laf:


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In 2003 i had just toped off at pikers peak on MT.Adams in bad weather,snowing ,blowing ice and low clouds,when out of the whiteout i could see a man comming down,as we were about to passed he stopped and got face to face with me and asked"why is it again that we climb mountains?" My answer was "because they are there!" We both developed a shiteating grin and parted ways.I finally got to use that line,to much!! :laf::brew:

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